The aim of mapping NED University’s impact is to report on progress in the commitment of the University as responsible institution covering the breadth of contribution that NED University makes to the sustainable development agenda. NED University has explored to enhance its impact on sustainability in many and various ways including campus infrastructure and setting, institutional policies and strategies, curriculum, and community engagement. The website outlines key achievements, summarizes performance and provides detailed evidence and data, with reference to published documentation where appropriate.

The report also highlights the diverse sustainability initiatives under each goal in progress across the campus and looks ahead to those planned for future and ongoing initiatives.

The Honourable Vice Chancellor of the NED University has taken the lead in transforming the Main

Campus of the University into a ‘live lab’ working towards a sustainable eco system as showcase of the ADG agenda. He himself chairs a variety of university forums to address challenges and monitor the progress of all the activities related to the sustainability. The NED University has taken up the responsibility in leading the Higher Education Institutions of Pakistan in becoming the sustainable campus sites and host academic and research activities for the local and international industries and municipalities working towards the establishment of a sustainable future for all of us.

For further information related to what we are doing, please visit the reports and policies sections.