• NED University has two water filtering Units with the capacity of 10,000 gallons per day and 5,000 gallons per day respectively are continuously providing safe and filtered water to the students, employees and the residents of University Staff Colony.
  • Wastewater treatment plant at NED University is being fully utilized for the treatment of complete wastewater produced within the University and its colony with its effluent being used for watering the greens paces of the University.
  • Additionally, the University recycles the NED mosque’s ablution water for the green areas around the mosque. The University plans to expand this facility in future to augment for the increase in water requirements owing to growing green spaces.

Activity Summary Graph
The following graph depicts the course offerings and other recent activities carried out at NED University of Engineering and Technology both at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG), relevant to the requirements of sustainable development goal 6. A brief description of the same follows.


Undergraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different undergraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus, available at https://www.neduet.edu.pk/prospectus.

1 AU-499: Automotive Engineering Project
2 CH-106: Applied Chemistry
3 CH-208: Analytical Chemistry
4 CH-311: Mass Transfer
5 CH-410: Water Purification Process
6 CH-411: Environmental Pollution Control
7 CY-108: Analytical Chemistry
8 CY-109: Applied Chemistry
9 DS-312: Public Health
10 DS-406: Environmental Issues in Development

Postgraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different postgraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Postgraduate Prospectus, available at https://www.neduet.edu.pk/prospectus.


1 AR-698: Thesis
2 CE-5002: Thesis
3 CE-5016: Fundamentals of Environmental Laws for Construction Industr1
4 CE-531: Advanced Soil Mechanics
5 CE-534: Soil Investigation & Testing
6 CE-538: Groundwater and Seepage
7 CE-539: Subsurface H1drolog1
8 CE-556: Water Resources Planning and Management
9 CE-559: Remote Sensing In Water Resources
10 CE-560: Reservoir Operations
11 CE-577: Irrigation S1stem Design and Management
12 CE-579: Water Qualit1 Management
13 CE-580: Applied H1drolog1
14 CE-583: Groundwater Engineering
15 CE-585: H1draulic Structure Engineering / Advanced H1draulic Engineering
16 CH-5002: Thesis
17 CH-517: Corrosion
18 C1-403: Instrumental Methods and Techniques
19 C1-500: Qualit1 Assurance and Automated Anal1tical Methods
20 C1-512: Drug and Heteroc1clic Chemistr1
21 C1-522: Water Treatment
22 EN-5002: Thesis
23 EN-502: Environmental Applied Science
24 EN-508: Environment Impact Assessment
25 EN-510: Process D1namics in Environmental S1stem
26 EN-511: Environmental Management
27 EN-513: Industrial Waste Treatment and Disposal
28 EN-514: Water Resources Management
29 EN-515: Air Pollution and Control
30 EN-518: Sustainable Development & Appropriate Technolog1
31 EN-520: Marine Pollution and Control
32 EN-521: Special Topics in Environmental Engineering
33 EN-523: Anal1sis of Environmental Contaminants
34 EN-524: Wastewater Engineering
35 EN-525: Ph1sico Chemical Processes
36 EN-526: Solid Waste Management
37 EN-527: Environmental Health and Sanitation
38 EN-531: Environmental Qualit1 Management
39 EN-537: Water Qualit1 Management
40 EN-540: Health, Safet1 & Environmental Management
41 EN-541: Remote Sensing in Environmental Management
42 EN-542: Sustainable Waste Management

Undergraduate projects
Following is the list of relevant Final Year Design Projects (FYDP) thesis carried out at undergraduate level in the University.

  • Solid waste management: A study on front-end collection in Karachi.
  • Analyzing energy consumption of drinking water treatment operation  
  • Water quality assessment of RO plants in Karachi
  • Secondary condensate recovery system using hydro-cyclones.
  • Water purification membranes by using rice straw.
  • Novel synthesis of nano composite stabilized by unique thiadiazine derivatives for Biological and environmental applications.
  • Facile synthesis of silver nanohybrid stabilized by novel pyrimidine derivatives for textiles, biological & environmental applications.
  • Green synthesis of nanoparticles by using plant extract
  • Hardware implementation and remote monitoring of solar charging station for an electric vehicle
  • Sustainable supply chain practices in textile sector: A case of Yunus Textile Mills
  • Water trash collecting robot using wireless communication
  • Design and fabrication of active atmospheric water generation system via cooling-condensation cycle with parametric optimization
  • Design of a multistage flash desalination plant
  • Design and fabrication of hydro panels
  • Design a solar water desalinator and purifier machine.
  • Performance analysis of multi-effects evaporation-mechanical vapour compression desalination process
  • Synthesis of ZnO and titania nanostructured for the removal of effluent in Karachi.
  • Designing of ion exchange membrane module for caustic recovery from mercerization waste
  • Food-365
  • Dyeing of cotton fabric with banana leaves with various mordanting techniques

Postgraduate Projects
Following is the list of relevant thesis carried out at postgraduate level in the University.

  • Water- energy and food security nexus of pakistan under climate change scenario
  • Sustainable plumbing solutions in high-rise buildings for water distribution and soil and waste management
  • Facile synthesis of hybrid silver doped silica nanoparticles by using novel short chain organic thiol derivatives and determination of its applications
  • Functionalized silver nanoparticles as calorimetric sensor for the detection of heavy metals and other pollutants
  • Facile one pot synthesis of short chain ethyl 6-methyl-4-phenyl-2-thioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrim-idine-5-carboxylate
  • Stabilized silver nanoparticles as promising nano-hybrid with potential impact in environmental and biological applications
  • Synthesis of nano-material induced ion exchange membrane for specific application of recycling of industrial chemical waste
  • Ion exchange membranes based on graphene oxide - cellulose acetate nano composites: Synthesis, Characterization and Physicochemical Properties
  • Installation and data analytics of solar PV based microgrid Sther Mohalla, New Chhre, Thar (IE)
  • A study on development of sustainable and water efficient processes in denim fabric finishing

Externally Funded Research Projects
Following is the list of relevant research projects funded by external agencies, which are currently being carried out in the University.

  • A spatial mapping for Arsenic (As) concentration hotspots towards generating water quality profile and development of sustainable prototype water treatment system for Larkana Division, Sindh
  • Solar powered atmospheric plasma system for treatment of contaminated wastewater
  • Smart potable water harvesting grid for adaptive social capacity in varying humidity and insolation regions
  • Municipal waste in Pakistan and identification of underlying factors and key drivers
  • Designing of a versatile prototype based on the application of ion exchange membranes, for efficient and cost effective recycling of industrial waste
  • Water condensation from tropospherical humidity for water insecurity via hydro-solar nexus
  • Smart potable water harvesting grid for adaptive social capacity in varying humidity and insolation regions
  • Neurocomputation Lab, National Center for Artificial Intelligence

Events and Curricular Activities
A number of relevant activities are being carried out from time to time in the University, both by the departmental administrations and the students. Some significant activities are as follows.

  • Seminar on Solid Waste Management
  • The event Pakistan Country Climate and Development (CCDR
  • Exhibition for Flood Affectees – The fundraiser event