The University is offering a total of 105 programmes (27 teaching departments from six faculties, offering 29 undergraduate, 54 masters and 22 Ph.D. programmes), in which 12,209 students are enrolled. It is worth mentioning that 36% of the University population in female which is an encouraging indicator for an Engineering University. We are pleased that a total of 3,209 students graduated, while admissions were awarded to 3,806 students. This year the University awarded PhD degrees to eighteen (18) scholars. 52 international students from six different nationalities are currently enrolled in various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the University. These nationalities include Sri Lanka, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and Iraq. As COVID-19 is easing off, mobility programmes are back, with six students from NED University went to USA on outbound student exchange programme this year; and over 100 national and international students visited NED University as part of various inbound exchange visits.

NED University has decided to transform all undergraduate engineering programmes on outcome-based education (OBE). All undergraduate engineering programmes have already obtained OBE-based accreditation from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Providing financial accessibility to all students is an important hallmark of NED University. This year, NED University was able to fetch a record 2,708 scholarships and fellowships, worth over Rs. 207 million from alumni and industrial partners who generously supported in this endeavour. A total of 1,736 Internships were availed with 37 study tours and 350+ employment related activities happening on campus.

Community Service being mandatory part of curriculum, saw significant contributions by our students this year as well. In addition to already continuing Chinese language programme for the students, this year, the University has launched classes for Turkish language as well in collaboration with Turkey’s Maarif Foundation.

Applicants: 18,310      Admissions: 3,806        Enrollment: 12,209         Graduation: 3,209

International Industries Limited (IIL), Pakistan's leading manufacturer and exporter of steel, stainless steel and polymer pipes & fittings donated Rs. 5 million for the uplifting and renovation of Abul Kalam Library reading space as per international standards.

Activity Summary Graph

The following graph depicts the course offerings and other recent activities carried out at NED University of Engineering and Technology both at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG), relevant to the requirements of sustainable development goal 4. A brief description of the same follows.  

Undergraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different undergraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus, available at


1 AR-442: Communication and Allied Skills-VI
2 AR-461: Research Methodologies
3 AR-473: Studies in Critical Regionalism
4 AU-102: Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics
5 AU-201: Automotive Power Plants
6 AU-203: Statistics & Quality Control
7 AU-222: Automobile Instrumentation
8 AU-313: Combustion, Emission and Pollution
9 CT-153: Programming Languages
10 CT-157: Data Structure Algorithms & Applications
11 CT-158: Fundamentals of Information Technology
12 CT-159: Data Structure Algorithms & Applications
13 CT-162: Discrete Structures
14 CT-173: Introduction to Computer Applications
15 CT-174: Fundamentals of Information Technology
16 CT-175: Programming Fundamentals
17 CT-251: Object Oriented Programming
18 CT-257: Database Management Systems
19 CT-258: Financial & Cost Accounting
20 CT-259: System Analysis & Design
21 CT-260: Object Oriented Programming
22 CT-261: Database Management Systems
23 CT-353: Operating Systems
24 CT-361: Artificial Intelligence & Expert System
25 CT-362: Web Engineering
26 CT-363: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
27 CT-364: Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
28 CT-365: Software Engineering
29 CT-367: Theory of Programming Languages
30 CT-376: Computer Communication Networks
31 CT-460: Network & Information Security
32 CT-461: E-Commerce
33 CT-463: Data Warehouse & Mining
34 CT-464: Modeling & Simulation
35 CT-465: Compiler Design
36 CT-481: Wireless Network and Mobile Computing
37 CT-484: Introduction to Cyber Security
38 CT-485: Natural Language Processing
39 CT-499: Software-Based Project
40 DS-141: Communication Skills for Development-I
41 DS-142: Communication Skills for Development-II
42 DS-143: Computer Applications in Development-I
43 DS-203: Human Development
44 DS-204: Computer Applications in Development-II
45 DS-206: Statistical Applications in Development-I
46 DS-207: Statistical Applications in Development-II
47 DS-241: Introduction to Research Methodology-I
48 DS-242: Introduction to Research Methodology-II
49 DS-243: Computer Applications in Development-II
50 DS-244: Statistical Applications in Development-I
51 DS-245: Statistical Applications in Development-II
52 DS-246: Participatory Development
53 DS-316: Gender and Development
54 DS-401: Development Studies Project
55 EC-106: Principles of Management
56 FD-430: Food Engineering Project
57 HS-104: Functional English
58 HS-105: Pakistan Studies
59 HS-106: Pakistan Studies
60 HS-107: Pakistan Studies (For Foreigners)
61 HS-111: Functional English
62 HS-114: Functional English
63 HS-115: Academic Reading & Writing
64 HS-117: Foundation of Education
65 HS-118: Media Studies
66 HS-119: Islamic Studies
67 HS-120: Introduction to English Literature-I
68 HS-121: Introduction to Linguistics
69 HS-122: History of English Literature-I
70 HS-123: Phonetics & Phonology
71 HS-127: Pakistan Studies ( for Foreigners)
72 HS-200: Community Service
73 HS-201: Oral Communications
74 HS-202: Business Communication
75 HS-203: Organizational Behaviour
76 HS-204: Human Rights & Citizenship
77 HS-205: Islamic Studies
78 HS-208: Business Communications & Ethics
79 HS-210: Philosophy
80 HS-211: Morphology & Syntax-I
81 HS-212: Introduction to English Literature-II
82 HS-213: History of English Literature-II
83 HS-214: Academic Writing
84 HS-215: Semantics
85 HS-217: Visionary Discourse
86 HS-218: Business Communication
87 HS-219: Professional Ethics
88 HS-224: German Language-I
89 HS-226: French Language-I
90 HS-228: Sociology and Development
91 HS-230: Organizational Behaviour
92 HS-231: Turkish Language-I
93 HS-232: Turkish Language-II
94 HS-301: Business Organizational Communication
95 HS-304: Business Communication & Ethics
96 HS-305: Morphology & Syntax-II
97 HS-306: Sociolinguistics
98 HS-307: Pedagogical Grammar
99 HS-308: Lexical Studies
100 HS-309: Discourse Analysis
101 HS-310: Psycholinguistics
102 HS-311: Logic & Critical Thinking
103 HS-312: Translation Studies
104 HS-314: World Englishes
105 HS-315: Language in Education
106 HS-318: Anthropological Studies
107 HS-319: Introduction to Research
108 HS-401: Project
109 HS-402: Research Methods in Linguistics
110 HS-406: Stylistics
111 HS-407: Language, Culture & Identitiy
112 HS-408: Genre Analysis
113 HS-411: Second Language Acquisition
114 HS-412: Language Teaching Methodologies
115 HS-418: Pragmatics
116 HS-421: Syllabus Designing & Testing
117 HSK-1: Chinese Language
118 HSK-2: Chinese Language
119 IM-101: Computer Applications in Engineering
120 IM-207: Computer Programming & Drafting
121 IM-308: Operations Research
122 IM-320: Modeling and Simulation
123 MG-499: Final Year Project
124 MT-001: Mathematics-1
125 MT-002: Mathematics-2
126 MT-100: Introduction to Mathematics
127 MT-100: Introduction to Mathematics (for pre-medical students)
128 MT-112: Mathematics for Architects
129 MT-113: Business Mathematics
130 MT-114: Calculus
131 MT-151: Calculus-I
132 MT-152: Calculus-II
133 MT-156: Discrete Mathematics
134 MT-171: Differenial & Integral Calculus
135 MT-173: Calculus
136 MT-214: Applied Statistics
137 MT-215: Differential Equations & Complex Veriables
138 MT-221: Linear Algebra & Ordinary Differential Equations
139 MT-222: Linera Algebra & Odinary Differential Equations
140 MT-223: Differential Equations & Fourier Series
141 MT-223: Ordinary Differential Equations & Fourier Series
142 MT-224: Complex Variables & Fourier Analysis
143 MT-225: Linear Algebra & Ordinary Differential Equations
144 MT-226: Multi Variable Calculus
145 MT-227: Differential Equations
146 MT-228: Complex Variables & Fourier Transforms
147 MT-230: Statistics & Probability
148 MT-231: Statistics Inference
149 MT-251: Multivariate Calculus
150 MT-252: Introduction to Probability & Statistics
151 MT-254: Statistical Inference
152 MT-255: Introduction to Mathematical Finance
153 MT-272: Linear Algebra & Geometry
154 MT-273: Deffirential Equations & Linear Algebra
155 MT-315: Mathematical Methods
156 MT-330: Applied Probability & Statistics
157 MT-331: Probability & Statistics
158 MT-332: Advanced Calculus & Linear Algebra
159 MT-333: Advanced Calculus & Fourier Analysis
160 MT-335: Probablity and Statistics
161 MT-336: Introduction to Linear Algebra and Programming
162 MT-337: Introduction to Statistics
163 MT-351: Operation Research
164 MT-352: Financial Management
165 MT-353: Discrete-Time Finance
166 MT-354: Financial Derivatives
167 MT-355: Financial Risk Management
168 MT-356: Stochastic Models in Finance
169 MT-441: Advanced Mathematical Techniques
170 MT-442: Numerical Method
171 MT-443: Numerical Analysis
172 MT-451: Continuous-Time Finance
173 MT-452: Financial Modelling
174 MT-454: Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic
175 MT-455: Econometrics
176 MT-456: Financial Engineering
177 MT-458: Islamic Banking & Financial System
178 MT-459: Actuarial Science
179 MT-460: Computational Finance Project
180 MT-471: Applied Numerical Methods
181 PH-103: Physics Lab-I
182 PH-106: Physics Lab-II
183 PH-123: General Physics-I
184 PH-124: General Physics-II
185 PH-203: Physics Lab-III
186 PH-206: Physics Lab-IV
187 PH-311: Physics Lab-V
188 PH-312: Physics Lab-VI
189 PH-408: Physics Lab-VII
190 PP-211: Computer Programming & Applications
191 SE-201: Object Oriented Concepts & Programming
192 SE-204: Database Managment Systems
193 SE-206: Web Engineering
194 SE-207: Software Engineering
195 SE-208: Software Requirement Engineering
196 SE-302: Human Computer Interaction
197 SE-303: Operating Systems
198 SE-307: E-Commerce
199 SE-308: Software Design & Architecture
200 SE-309: Software Quality Engineering
201 SE-310: Software Project Management
202 SE-311: E-Commerce
203 SE-312: Software Construction & Development
204 SE-313: Formal Method in Software Engineering
205 SE-405: Modeling & Simulation
206 SE-406: Distributed Computing
207 SE-407: Data Warehousing & Mining
208 SE-408: Design Patterns
209 SE-409: Software Re-Engineering
210 SE-410: Stochastic Processes
211 SE-484: Software Testing Strategies & Techniques
212 SE-487: Mobile Application Development
213 SE-488: Computer Vision Fundamentals
214 SE-489: Cloud Computing
215 SE-499: Software Engineering Project
216 TE-113: Introduction to Textile Engineering
217 TE-203: Computer Programming and Applications

Postgraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different postgraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Postgraduate Prospectus, available at


1 AR-612: Methods in Urban Planning Research
2 AR-629: Advanced Urban Sociolog1
3 BM-543: Mechatronics S1stem Design
4 BM-545: Biomedical Ethics for Engineers
5 BM-547: Medical Robotics
6 BM-550: Advanced Medical Imaging
7 BM-552: Clinical Gait Anal1sis
8 BM-555: Advanced Biomechanics
9 BM-563: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
10 BM-565: Research Methodolog1
11 CE-504: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
12 CE-518: Mathematical Methods for Engineers
13 CE-544: Quantitative Tools for Engineering Management
14 CE-564: Probabilit1 and Statistics
15 CE-588: Leadership in Consruction Management
16 CH-505: Mathematical Methods
17 CH-512: Applied Statistics
18 CS-404: Computer S1stems Architecture & Organization
19 CS-407: Computing Essentials
20 CS-408: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
21 CS-411: Computer S1stems Fundamentals
22 CS-412: Data Structures and Databases
23 CS-5002: Thesis
24 CS-503: Queuing Theor1 for Performance Modeling of Computer S1stems
25 CS-506: Advanced Computer S1stems Architecture
26 CS-5101: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
27 CS-5102: Machine Learning
28 CS-5103: Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence
29 CS-5104: Intelligent S1stems Design
30 CS-5105: Deep Learning
31 CS-5107: Computer Vision
32 CS-5115: Advanced Image Processing
33 CS-5124: Pattern Recognition
34 CS-514: Performance Evaluation of Computer S1stems
35 CS-517: Digital Communication Theor1
36 CS-523: Routing and Switching
37 CS-531: Advanced Operating S1stems
38 CS-538: Information Theor1 and Cr1ptograph1
39 CS-539: Computer Securit1
40 CS-540: Computer Network Protocols
41 CS-541: Stochastic Processes for Computer Networks
42 CS-542: C1ber Securit1
43 CS-543: Internet Securit1
44 CS-544: Vulnerabilit1 Assessment and Ethical Hacking
45 CS-551: Advanced Database S1stems
46 CS-552: Data Anal1tics
47 CS-553: Information S1stems Management
48 CS-554: Data Securit1 and Audit
49 CS-555: Distributed S1stems
50 CS-562: Big Data Computing
51 CS-563: Business Intelligence
52 CS-564: Cloud Computing
53 CS-565: Data Encr1ption
54 CS-566: Data Mining
55 CS-568: Decision Support S1stems
56 CS-569: E-Business Management
57 CS-570: Enterprise Resource Planning
58 CS-572: Internet Traffic Engineering and Management
59 CS-573: Network Securit1
60 CT-492: Object Oriented Programming
61 CT-493: Data Structure and Algorithms Design
62 CT-494: Introduction to Databases
63 CT-5002: Thesis
64 CT-501: Software Project Management
65 CT-502: Theor1 of Automata
66 CT-503: Operations Research & Optimisation
67 CT-504: Advanced Numerical Anal1sis
68 CT-506: Advanced Anal1sis of Algorithms
69 CT-509: Distributed S1stems
70 CT-510: Algebra and Number Theor1
71 CT-524: Knowledge Based S1stems
72 CT-528: Advance Database Techniques
73 CT-530: Data Mining
74 CT-560: Deep Learning
75 CT-561: Natural Language Processing
76 CT-562: Machine Learning
77 CT-576: Advanced Operating S1stem
78 CT-577: Advanced Theor1 of Automata
79 CT-581: Statistics & Probabilit1 for Data Science
80 CT-589: Social Media Anal1sis
81 CT-597: Time Series Anal1sis & Forecasting
82 CT-599: Speech Processing
83 C1-404: Separation Techniques
84 EC-524: Research Methodolog1
85 EE-5002: Thesis
86 EL-402: Introduction to Mechatronics
87 EL-5002: Thesis
88 EL-503: Advanced Digital Electronics & Interfacing Techniques
89 EL-504: Electronics Design Automation
90 EL-507: Fuzz1 Logic and Intelligent Electronics Control S1stems
91 EL-526: Robotics and its Application of Industrial Electronics
92 EQ-5002: Thesis
93 EQ-501: Structural D1namics
94 EQ-504: Advanced Structural Anal1sis
95 HS-410: Introduction to Linguistics
96 HS-411: Second Language Acquisition
97 HS-412: Language Teaching Methodologies
98 HS-416: Sociolinguistics
99 HS-420: Discourse Anal1sis
100 HS-421: S1llabus Designing & Testing
101 HS-500: Applied Linguistics & Language Studies
102 HS-5002: Thesis
103 HS-501: Second Language Learning & Language Teaching
104 HS-502: Curriculum Development in Language Teaching
105 HS-503: Research Methodolo1 in Applied Linguistics
106 HS-504: Quantitative Tools for Research
107 HS-511: English for Specific Purposes
108 HS-512: Teaching English for Academic Purposes
109 HS-514: Globalization and Spread of English
110 HS-515: Pragmatics & inter-cultural communication
111 HS-517: Language Teacher Education & Development
112 HS-519: Advanced Academic Reading and Writing
113 HS-526: Materials Development & Adaptation in ESL
114 HS-528: Technolog1 in Language Teaching & Learning
115 HS-529: Corpus Linguistics
116 IM-5002: Thesis
117 MC-5002: Thesis
118 MC-501: Electrical and Electronic for Mechanical Engineers
119 MC-502: Introduction to A.I & Computer Architecture
120 MC-541: Digital Image Processing & Machine Vision
121 MT-5002: Thesis
122 MT-502: Linear Algebra
123 MT-503: Applied Statistics
124 MT-512: Advanced Discrete Mathematics
125 MT-515: Transforms and their Applications
126 MT-520: Graph Theor1
127 MT-534: Statistical Method and Data Anal1sis
128 PH-401: Electromagnetic Fields-I
129 PH-406: Modern Ph1sics - I
130 PH-407: Modern Ph1sics - II
131 PH-500: Mathematical Ph1sics
132 PH-5002: Thesis
133 PH-525: Medical Radiation
134 SE-501: Advanced Requirements Engineering
135 TC-5002: Thesis
136 TC-501: Probabilit1 and Random Processes
137 TC-503: Digital Communication Theory 1
138 TE-505: Advanced Statistics
139 TS-556: Research Methodology 1 

Undergraduate projects
Following is the list of relevant Final Year Design Projects (FYDP) thesis carried out at undergraduate level in the University.

  • Increasing dependency of informal education system in Karachi: exploring the dynamics, reasons and impacts.
  • Influence of visual and auditory stimuli on default mode network dynamics
  • Energy, energy, economic and enviro-economic (4Es) Analyses of CO2 capture from natural gas using hybrid physical and chemical solvents - a simulation study and intelligent modeling
  • Designing and fabrication of temperature control unit (ICU).
  • Development of metaverse based workspace for remote collaboration
  • To develop an electrical power system model of K-E  feeder with arc flash boundaries
  • Design a power quality monitoring system (PQMS) based on standard EN50160
  • Formulating various neural network models for phtovolataic fault detection and their performance bcomaprision
  • How the trials of the gig economy have shaped the workforce of Pakistan
  • Factors influencing choice of discipline of study – A case study of NED University of Engineering and Technology
  • A corpus-based investigation of the use of Pakistani English in tertiary classrooms at a public university in Karachi
  • Integrating fundamental laws of natural science and technology to tackle space debris catastrophe
  • Synthesis of nickle ferrites by co precipitation method
  • Analysis of FSO communication using principles of quantum mechanics
  • The verification of monitor unit calculation of 3D conformal radiotherapy for various cancer sites
  • To study the effect of field geometry on the dose delivery with different field area
  • Careful review of conventional and multiple fields 3D CRT planning for various pelvic malignancies
  • Measurement of gross gamma activity and dose rate of soil samples for Karachi beach
  • The effect of scattered radiation on the junction areas of different tissue types with 6MV photons
  • Structural and magnetic properties of  transition metals doped magnesium aluminum ferrites
  • UNIPRO- A social community application
  • Industrial Academia Coordination System
  • KidsTech
  • Library mobile application
  • Qualified -An employee up skilling platform
  • Tutor finding system
  • Virtual school- A real time AI supported teaching platform
  • Heat transfer analysis of functional composites
  • Fabric simulation by using CGI
  • Hand-gesture controlled, textile actuator glove for rehabilitation applications
  • Development of sensing platform embedded Shirt for ambulatory monitoring of vital signs
  • Design and implementation of automated customized class timetable

Postgraduate Projects
Following is the list of relevant thesis carried out at postgraduate level in the University.
Cost effective school architecture –  Learning from the experiences of non-profit organizations working in education sector of Pakistan

  • Competency framework for construction managers in Pakistan.
  • Investigating the relationship between trait emotional intelligence, English self-efficacy and English language performance of undergraduate ELLs at an Engineering University in Pakistan
  • Socio-economic class and its impact on academic excellence of university students
  • A hybrid approach to measure the satisfaction level of students on YouTube educational videos

Externally Funded Research Projects
Following is the list of relevant research projects funded by external agencies, which are currently being carried out in the University.

  • Working women mobility and employability
  • Community based inventorying of intangible cultural heritage in Tharparkar, Sindh
  • Capacity building in the field of higher education
  • Smart City Lab, National Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Pakistan English access microscholarship program award: SPK33018CA0018; Project No.: 102427.001.033
  • Establishment of national centre of robotic and automation (DF-1009-31)
  • PUAN master class in creative writing
  • English for workforce development in Pakistan (Award SPK33018CA0037 FHI 360 Project No. 102479.001.002.025)
  • Bringing urdu in digital age
  • Hi-STEM FabLab
  • Modernization of curriculum of textile engineering and textile technology in Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan (SMARTEX)
  • Development of reactive inks for digital printing
  • Neurocomputation lab, National Center for Artificial Intelligence

Events and Curricular Activities
A number of relevant activities are being carried out from time to time in the University, both by the departmental administrations and the students. Some significant activities are as follows.

  • Mega project exhibition & robotics competition (MPERC’22)
  • Orientation and carnival programme 2022-23
  • Habib Girls School students visit to NED University
  • A lecture on peace, tolerance and inclusivity in society was delivered by Mr. Raja Zia ul Huq
  • NED book fair
  • The programme on ‘Impact of social media on youth’
  • theatre play “Rise the curtain 2.0"
  • Tech-talk technology workshop
  • The anti-corruption week
  • Outreach session for phd scholarship program
  • The Qalandars (meet & greet)
  • The programme outreach USA - Life after graduation
  • Anti-corruption walk
  • Beyond the horizon 2.0 speaker session and theatre
  • Zaawiya
  • NED debate cup
  • TECH FEST 5.0
  • Sports event “Olympiad”
  • Federal minister Prof. Ahsan Iqbal visited NED University
  • D-Raju institute (girls) students visit to NED University
  • A motivational session by Dr. Farhat Hashmi
  • Meeting was arranged for Afghan students for documentary contest
  • D-raju institute (boys) students visited NED University
  • Feroze Textile staff members visited NED University
  • The programme on Fulbright MS & PhD Scholarship
  • Inter-University bilingual declamation competition 2023
  • Event EID Greeting Party for International students
  • Graphics workshop
  • Photography Challenge
  • SOFE Locals
  • Ignite 7.0
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at Unilever
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at Get Pharma
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at Microsoft
  • Participation in the ASME EFx 2023
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at Artistic Mills
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at KIA
  • RC car workshop
  • CAD competition
  • Engineering carnival
  • PLC wiring workshop
  • Higher education counseling session in the US
  • Soft skills workshop
  • The Mendix Workshop
  • IEEE Day/NED Orientation'22
  • IEEE's Envision'22 event
  • The data integration bootcamp
  • Robotrix
  • AI club was granted 50 datacamp licensed accounts through the datacamp donates program, which were distributed amongst deserving members
  • AI Club ki Baithak II
  • AI Fest 4.0
  • Webinars on "The process and importance of FYDP for TE Students" and "ETAP Training Session"
  • Blogathon 3.0, a competition for bloggers
  • Bazm e Chemies
  • Seminars held on various topics including
  • Effective Interviews
    • Importance of Software Skills in Chemical Engineering
    • Interpersonal Skills Seminar
    • Occupational Health and Safety Seminar
    • Safe transportation of Hydrogen
    • Use of accelerating rate calorimeter
  • Team AATCC Provided Volunteering Services to the 5th NED International Textile Conference 2022
  • Visit to TIP