The University is offering a total of 105 programmes (27 teaching departments from six faculties, offering 29 undergraduate, 54 masters and 22 Ph.D. programmes), in which 12,209 students are enrolled. It is worth mentioning that 36% of the University population in female which is an encouraging indicator for an Engineering University. We are pleased that a total of 3,209 students graduated, while admissions were awarded to 3,806 students. This year the University awarded PhD degrees to eighteen (18) scholars. 52 international students from six different nationalities are currently enrolled in various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of the University. These nationalities include Sri Lanka, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, and Iraq. As COVID-19 is easing off, mobility programmes are back, with six students from NED University went to USA on outbound student exchange programme this year; and over 100 national and international students visited NED University as part of various inbound exchange visits.

NED University has decided to transform all undergraduate engineering programmes on outcome-based education (OBE). All undergraduate engineering programmes have already obtained OBE-based accreditation from Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

Activity Summary Graph

The following graph depicts the course offerings and other recent activities carried out at NED University of Engineering and Technology both at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG), relevant to the requirements of sustainable development goal 5. A brief description of the same follows.  

Undergraduate Courses

1 DS-104: Introduction to Sociology
2 DS-141: Communication Skills for Development-I
3 DS-142: Communication Skills for Development-II
4 DS-162: Sociology of Development
5 DS-203: Human Development
6 DS-208: Participatory Development
7 DS-246: Participatory Development
8 DS-316: Gender and Development
9 DS-401: Development Studies Project
10 DS-405: Microfinance-I
11 DS-409: Microfinance-II
12 FD-430: Food Engineering Project
13 MG-214: Human Resource Management
14 MG-317: Human Resource Management
15 MG-482: Organizational Behaviour
16 MG-499: Final Year Project
17 PE-306: Subsurface Production Engineering
18 UE-460: Geoinformatics

Postgraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different postgraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Postgraduate Prospectus, available at


1 AR-603: Studies in Architectural Research
2 AR-612: Methods in Urban Planning Research
3 AR-629: Advanced Urban Sociolog1
4 AR-648: Architecture and the Cit1
5 BM-547: Medical Robotics
6 BM-552: Clinical Gait Anal1sis
7 BM-555: Advanced Biomechanics
8 CE-5011: Fundamentals of Law and Legal Structures
9 PH-504: Electromagnetic Fields-II
10 PP-5002: Thesis

Undergraduate projects
Following is the list of relevant Final Year Design Projects (FYDP) thesis carried out at undergraduate level in the University.

  • The impact of advertising on consumer behaviour: A study on Pakistan’s fashion industry
  • Impact of microfinance on women entrepreneurs in Pakistan
  • Comparative study of impoliteness strategies and gender roles in Pakistani and American talk shows

Postgraduate Projects
Following is the list of relevant thesis carried out at postgraduate level in the University.

  • Reflection of gender related cultural values in the design and use of public spaces in ethnic diverse areas of Karachi
  • Bibliometric analysis of research in forensic linguistics: An interdisciplinary field of language and law
  • Investigating the relationship between trait emotional intelligence, English self-efficacy and English language performance of undergraduate ELLs at an engineering university in Pakistan

Externally Funded Research Projects
Following is the list of relevant research projects funded by external agencies, which are currently being carried out in the University.

  • Working women mobility and employability
  • Neurocomputation Lab, National Center for Artificial Intelligence

Events and Curricular Activities
A number of relevant activities are being carried out from time to time in the University, both by the departmental administrations and the students. Some significant activities are as follows.

  • Habib Girls School students visit to NED University
  • Programme on women empowerment
  • Training session on peace, tolerance and inclusivity in society
  • Theatre play “Rise the Curtain 2.0"
  • An awareness program against the harassment of women at workplace - Act 2010
  • Zaawiya
  • Reproductive health with a focus on gender equality marital rights and planning a healthy family
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at Unilever
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at Get Pharma
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at Microsoft
  • The power of passion - women’s day
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at Artistic Mills
  • A day in the life of an engineer working at KIA
  • IEEE Day/NED Orientation'22
  • Seminars held on various topics including
    • Effective Interviews
    • Importance of Software Skills in Chemical Engineering
    • Interpersonal Skills Seminar
    • Occupational Health and Safety Seminar
    • Safe transportation of Hydrogen
    • Use of accelerating rate calorimeter

NED University Management Positions

The following are the distribution of NED University Management positions as on 31st July 2023

University Management Positions - 31st July 2023

Positions Male Female Total
Vice Chancellor 1   1
Pro Vice Chancellor 1   1
Deans 4   4
Chairpersons 24 4 28
Head of Departments 14 3 17
Total 44 7 51