Faculty members of NED University have been actively engaged with various institutions and organisations assisting through their expertise. Some of the salient representations are as follows:

Activity Summary Graph

The following graph depicts the course offerings and other recent activities carried out at NED University of Engineering and Technology both at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG), relevant to the requirements of sustainable development goal 8. A brief description of the same follows.  

Undergraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different undergraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus, available at https://www.neduet.edu.pk/prospectus.

1 AR-561: Professional Practice
2 AU-225: Fundamentals of Analogue and Digital Electronics
3 CF-303: Applied Economics for Engineers
4 CN-223: Fundamentals of Applied Economics for Engineers
5 CN-323: Constructions Contracts
6 CN-331: Construction Jobsite Engineering and Management
7 CN-333: Construction Economic Analysis
8 CN-336: Accounting and Financial Management
9 CN-433: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Assessment
10 DS-103: Introduction to Accounting
11 DS-131: Concept in Development Studies
12 DS-143: Computer Applications in Development-I
13 DS-201: Field Survey Methods-I
14 DS-202: Theory and Practice of Development Work
15 DS-204: Computer Applications in Development-II
16 DS-206: Statistical Applications in Development-I
17 DS-207: Statistical Applications in Development-II
18 DS-209: Theory and Management of Organisations-I
19 DS-210: Field Survey Methods-II
20 DS-211: Development Economics
21 DS-231: Theory and Practice in Development Work
22 DS-241: Introduction to Research Methodology-I
23 DS-242: Introduction to Research Methodology-II
24 DS-244: Statistical Applications in Development-I
25 DS-245: Statistical Applications in Development-II
26 DS-246: Participatory Development
27 DS-251: Theory and Management of Organisations
28 DS-302: Development Planning Workshop-I
29 DS-304: Urban Development
30 DS-305: Management Organisation-II
31 DS-307: Agricultural Development
32 DS-308: Development Planning Workshop-II
33 DS-309: Linear Programming
34 DS-312: Public Health
35 DS-313: Political Economics
36 DS-316: Gender and Development
37 DS-401: Development Studies Project
38 DS-402: Development Planning Workshop-III
39 DS-404: Entrepreneurship
40 DS-405: Microfinance-I
41 DS-408: Sustainability in Development
42 DS-409: Microfinance-II
43 DS-410: Development Planning in Pakistan
44 DS-421: Corporate Social Responsibility and Applications in Development
45 EC-101: Microeconomics-I
46 EC-102: Principles of Accounting
47 EC-103: Macro Economics-I
48 EC-104: Financial Accounting
49 EC-105: Information Technology in Business Economics
50 EC-106: Principles of Management
51 EC-201: Microeconomics-II
52 EC-202: Cost Accounting
53 EC-203: Computer Application to Business & Finance
54 EC-204: Macro Economics-II
55 EC-204: Macroeconomics-II
56 EC-205: Development Economics
57 EC-206: Economy of Pakistan
58 EC-207: Managerial Accounting
59 EC-208: Introduction to Business Finance
60 EC-209: Financial & Cost Accounting
61 EC-211: Principles of Economics
62 EC-301: Political Economics
63 EC-302: Mathematical Economics-I
64 EC-303: Econometrics-I
65 EC-304: Money and Banking
66 EC-305: Comparative Economic System
67 EC-306: Mathematical Economics-II
68 EC-307: Econometric-II
69 EC-308: Business Research Methods
70 EC-309: Financial Management
71 EC-401: Public Finance
72 EC-402: International Trade Theory
73 EC-403: Applied Economics
74 EC-404: Islamic Economics
75 EC-405: Project
76 EC-406: Urban Economics
77 EC-407: Industrial Economics
78 EC-411: International Finance
79 EC-412: Corporate Finance
80 EC-413: Project Appraisal & Investment Analysis
81 EC-415: Time Series Analysis
82 EC-417: Studies of Urban Economics
83 FD-430: Food Engineering Project
84 HS-104: Functional English
85 IM-203: Manufacturing Processes
86 IM-303: Production Management
87 IM-307: Advance Manufacturing Processes
88 IM-310: Tool Design
89 IM-402: Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
90 IM-408: Automation & Robotics
91 IM-409: Manufacturing Engineering Project
92 IM-411: Methods Engineering
93 ME-322: IC Engine and Power Plant Lab
94 ME-420: Operations Management
95 MG-110: Fundamentals of Management
96 MG-111: Principles of Marketing
97 MG-114: Introduction to Business
98 MG-213: Introduction to Business Finance
99 MG-214: Human Resource Management
100 MG-216: Managerial Accounting
101 MG-315: Business & Economic Forecasting
102 MG-317: Human Resource Management
103 MG-461: Global Entrepreneurial Marketing
104 MG-481: Entrepreneurship
105 MG-482: Organizational Behaviour
106 MG-499: Final Year Project
107 MT-113: Business Mathematics
108 MT-153: Principles of Economics
109 MT-154: Computer Applications in Finance
110 MT-155: Introduction to Financial Accounting
111 MT-253: Microeconomics
112 MT-254: Statistical Inference
113 MT-255: Introduction to Mathematical Finance
114 MT-256: Macroeconomics
115 MT-257: Stochastic Calculus
116 MT-355: Financial Risk Management
117 MT-356: Stochastic Models in Finance
118 MT-441: Advanced Mathematical Techniques
119 MT-442: Numerical Method
120 MT-443: Numerical Analysis
121 MT-451: Continuous-Time Finance
122 MT-456: Financial Engineering
123 MT-459: Actuarial Science
124 MT-460: Computational Finance Project
125 MT-471: Applied Numerical Methods
126 PE-407: Petroleum Property, Env. and Safety Management
127 PE-413: Oil and Gas Field Production Facilities
128 PP-103: Workshop Practice
129 PP-310: Industrial Organization and Management
130 TE-224: Polymer & Fibre Science
131 TE-406: Textile Production Management
132 TE-408: Textile Engineering Design Project
133 TE-413: Textile Product Evaluation-II
134 TE-424: Textile Printing
135 TE-451: Automation & Control in Textile
136 TS-109: Introduction to Textiles
137 TS-209: Colour Science
138 TS-245: Pre-treatment in Textiles
139 TS-361: Textile Testing-II
140 TS-455: Advanced Fabric Manufacturing Technique
141 UE-102: Statics and Dynamics
142 UE-201: Engineering Surveying - II
143 UE-352: Construction Engineering
144 UE-415: Urban Engineering Project
145 UE-460: Geoinformatics

Postgraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different postgraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Postgraduate Prospectus, available at https://www.neduet.edu.pk/prospectus.

1 AR-513: Methods in Physical Planning
2 AR-615: Economic Development and Regional Planning
3 AR-629: Advanced Urban Sociolog1
4 BM-552: Clinical Gait Anal1sis
5 BM-555: Advanced Biomechanics
6 BM-565: Research Methodolog1
7 CE-5011: Fundamentals of Law and Legal Structures
8 CE-5012: Intellectual propert1 (IP) protection and Professional Ethics
9 CE-5014: Construction Claims Preparation and Anal1sis
10 CE-5015: Construction Disputes
11 CE-548: Occupational Health & Safet1 in Construction
12 CE-550: Construction Productivit1 Management
13 CE-570: Transportation Economics
14 CE-589: Suppl1 Chain Management in Construction Industr1
15 CE-591: Cost Engineering & Control
16 CH-5002: Thesis
17 CS-408: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
18 CS-5101: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
19 CS-5102: Machine Learning
20 CS-5103: Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence
21 CS-5104: Intelligent S1stems Design
22 CS-5105: Deep Learning
23 CS-5107: Computer Vision
24 CS-5124: Pattern Recognition
25 CS-552: Data Anal1tics
26 CS-563: Business Intelligence
27 CS-566: Data Mining
28 CT-492: Object Oriented Programming
29 CT-493: Data Structure and Algorithms Design
30 CT-494: Introduction to Databases
31 CT-505: Financial Management
32 CT-506: Advanced Anal1sis of Algorithms
33 CT-512: Principles of Marketing
34 CT-528: Advance Database Techniques
35 CT-530: Data Mining
36 CT-563: Business Intelligence
37 CT-564: Web Intelligence and Big Data
38 CT-577: Advanced Theor1 of Automata
39 CT-581: Statistics & Probabilit1 for Data Science
40 CT-589: Social Media Anal1sis
41 CT-590: Data Visualization
42 CT-592: Big Data Anal1tics
43 CT-593: Data Warehousing
44 C1-505: Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques
45 EC-401: Principles of Economics
46 EC-403: Introduction to Accounting
47 EC-501: Microeconomic Theor1
48 EC-505: Financial Accounting
49 EC-509: Investment Anal1sis and Porfolio Management
50 EE-5002: Thesis
51 EL-5002: Thesis
52 EM-501: Organisational S1stems
53 EM-502: Accounting and Financial Management
54 EM-503: Strategic Planning and Decision Making
55 EN-540: Health, Safet1 & Environmental Management
56 IM-5002: Thesis
57 IM-501: Suppl1 Chain Management
58 IM-506: Business Process Re-engineering
59 IM-513: Six Sigma Methodologies
60 IM-515: Agile & Lean Manufacturing
61 IM-526: Facilities Planning and La1out
62 IM-552: Logistics Management
63 IM-554: Procurement Management
64 IM-557: Managing  Suppl1 Chain Inventor1
65 IM-559: International Trade
66 IM-563: Warehouse Management and Ph1sical Distribution Network
67 MC-502: Introduction to A.I & Computer Architecture
68 MC-537: Reliabilit1 Engineering
69 MC-539: Micro-& NAno-Electromechanical S1stem
70 MC-541: Digital Image Processing & Machine Vision
71 MC-546: Data Acquisition and Microcontroller
72 MC-547: Mechatronics S1stem Design
73 ME-5002: Thesis
74 ME-501: Engineering Design
75 ME-502: Advanced Stress Anal1sis
76 ME-503: Computer Aided Design
77 ME-504: Finite Element Anal1sis
78 ME-505: Mechanical Vibrations
79 ME-507: Power Plant Design
80 ME-521: Automation & Controls
81 ME-522: Computer Aided Manufacturing
82 ME-523: Operations Research
83 ME-524: Reliabilit1 & Qualit1 Engineering
84 ME-527: Human Factor Engineering
85 ME-585: Reliabilit1 and Asset Management
86 ME-586: Health Safet1 and Environment
87 MT-5002: Thesis
88 MT-512: Advanced Discrete Mathematics
89 MT-527: Financial Modelling and Risk Management
90 SE-508: Agile Software Development Methods
91 TE-516: Suppl1 Chain Design & Management

Undergraduate projects
Following is the list of relevant Final Year Design Projects (FYDP) thesis carried out at undergraduate level in the University.

  • Rising trend of domestic help in Karachi: Exploring the reasons and its impacts on socio spatial dimension.
  • Increasing dependency of informal education system in Karachi: exploring the dynamics, reasons and impacts.
  • Solid waste management: A study on front-end collection in Karachi.
  • Design and development of an injection moulding machine for an automotive component
  • Development of a test bench for vibration measurement of automobile components
  • Designing and development of surgical diathermy
  • IOT based infant incubator
  • Neuromodulation for essential tremors
  • Designing and testing of dynamic podoscope for kinematic analysis of gait
  • Design of concrete flexural members using bamboo reinforcement
  • Design of low-cost residential housing units using lightly reinforced masonry
  • Effect of reinforcing and stabilizing agents on the dynamic properties of soil
  • Analysis of fatigue in passenger vehicle drivers
  • Effect of reinforcing and stabilizing agents on the static properties of soil
  • Algorithmic trading model
  • Portfolio optimization through time series analysis; its evaluation and comparison with mutual funds and stocks
  • Technical analysis of Pakistan Stock market
  • Risk Interrelationship among financial markets - An empirical evidence of Pakistan
  • Effect of financial leverage on performance of the firms: An empirical evidence from Pakistan's textile sector
  • Computational calculation of default probabilities using systems
  • Creidt card risk predictor for commercial Banks
  • Flow toxicity and liquidity in high frequency market
  • Sectorial analysis of volatility in oil prices and firms return, An empirical evidence from Pakistan
  • Adoption of E-banking services in Pakistan: An analysis in the light of unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT)
  • Assessing the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the MSCI classified countries stock market
  • Forecasting of risk and return of top trading industries listed in PSX using stochastic models
  • Solvent de-asphalting for 200,000 Barrels per day refining based on DAS (UAE) blend crude
  • Comparison of pyrolytic product blends and co-pyrolytic products blends obtained by
  • waste engine oil and waste cooking oil
  • Catalytic co-pyrolysis of waste engine oil and waste cooking oil
  • To simulate and design a control technique for vinyl chloride monomer (vcm) processing plant
  • Catalytic pyrolysis of plastic/municipal waste to higher hydrocarbons
  • Designing and fabrication of temperature control unit (ICU).
  • Designing of a commercially viable waste recycling power plant (solid waste)
  • To study the effect of baffle configuration on the thermal and hydraulic performance of a shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Recruitment web application for organization using natural language processsing (nlp) techniques
  • Creating a web application to veterinary doctors in the user's vicinity and detecting the breed of pets based on the application of artificial intelligence
  • Automated Generation Of Data (Designs And Patterns) For Textile Industry Using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)
  • Computer vision assisted drive-thru web store with on-chain transactions
  • Novel synthesis of nano composite stabilized by unique thiadiazine derivatives for biological & environmental applications
  • Facile synthesis of silver nanohybrid stabilized by novel pyrimidine derivatives for textiles, biological and environmental applications
  • Integration of hybrid super capacitors and lithium iron phosphate battery in battery management system (BMS)
  • To develop an electrical power system model of KE feeder with arc flash boundaries
  • Optimal design of primary and secondary network
  • Methods of improving critical clearing time of IEEE-9 bus system
  • To design a network communication algorithm for teleoperation setup over wide area network (WAN).
  • Design and development of a quadruped robot  for disaster management
  • Design and development of human sized humanoid robot for social interaction
  • Design and implementation of 3-axis CNC machine for electrical panel foaming at Accrescent Engineers (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Smart design of 5-Axis CNC machine for industrial applications
  • Design of low cost, medical, portable oxygen concentrator
  • Humanoid robotic arm
  • Design of a gait control algorithm for humanoid robot
  • Design and analysis of improved oxygen percentage of low cost oxygen concentrator
  • Smart robot for social interaction in a commercial enterprise
  • Design of a gait control algorithm for a quadruped robot
  • Design of a network jitter regulator for advance tele-robotic system
  • Design and development of CPAP/BiPAP respiratory assistive device
  • Relationship between supply chain management practices and firm performance: An investigation on the economic benefits of retail businesses from consumer perspective
  • The impact of advertising on consumer behaviour: A study on Pakistan’s fashion industry
  • Supply chain efficiency in packaging industry
  • Impact of green marketing on brands and consumer behaviour
  • End to end optimization of supply chain processes using CPFR industry 4.0
  • Scope and challenges in sustainable logistic practices in Aviation industry: A case study of SereneAir
  • Macro stress testing credit risk: A case of Pakistan’s banking sector
  • Revisiting the Marshall-Lerner hypothesis in case of Pakistan
  • Impact of logistic cost on inflation after Covid-19
  • How the trials of the gig economy have shaped the workforce of Pakistan
  • The potential of e-commerce stores for small businesses in Karachi
  • The impact of tourism on deficit in balance of payments of Pakistan: An application of bounds testing approach to cointegration
  • Determining financing need for a new start-up
  • Voice control smart car
  • Design and development of multi-mission ground automobile (MGA) & AI based sign board interpretation.
  • Design and development of three-in-one e-axle for electric vehicle
  • Vision with action: Introducing user friendly electronic stethoscope
  • Green energy harvesting from tiles
  • Design and development of digital instrument cluster for electric vehicle
  • Agriculture robot
  • DSLR camera control and image processing
  • Building 3D Environmental perception using laser and vision info to assist driver
  • Identify the sustainable, economical option for automation of FAT storage and transportation system without hampering product quality and process time.
  • Extraction of bioactive compounds and its application in food product development.
  • Design and fabrication of ultraviolet treatment unit for the shelf life extension of coconut water.
  • Design and fabrication of detoxification device for aflatoxin in red chilies using UV radiation.
  • Encapsulation of food flavors and its application in food industry
  • To analyze and control surface defects of glazed tiles before and after gloss firing
  • Foot step power generation
  • Business process re-engineering to maximize profit
  • SAP data analysis (result and optimization suggestions) and implementation of lean six sigma
  • Implementation of supply chain principles in textile industry
  • Import parts receiving and operation design to track stock movement
  • Design and fabrication of a small scale garbage energy generator
  • Non-contact vision sensor for low frequency vibration measurement
  • Design and development of 3-1 e-axle for electric vehicle
  • Development of a system for real time managing vehicle maintenance workshop
  • Synthesis and characterization of nano structure coating materials for the improvement of wear and tear resistance of piercing plug for manufacturing of seamless pipes
  • Design and development of shear thickening fluid based fiber reinforced composite for impact resistance applications.
  • Design and development of polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) smart films
  • Design and development of see-beck coefficient measurement setup
  • Surface modification of magnesium alloys through advanced coating processing for biomedical applications.
  • Synthesis and characterisation of microporous bioactive glass for soft tissue re-generation.
  • Estimation of lifetime of thermally degraded instrument cable used in Power plant.
  • Characterization and development of low and ultra-low cement high alumina castable by using a portion of recycled materials
  • Study on rootcause analysis of crack observed during press forging in low alloyed steel ingots
  • Utilization of polyster powder in fly-ash bricks
  • Assessment and characterization of electrical steels
  • To study the problem of adherence of moulding sand mass on cast  surfaces of cast iron Sugar Mill Roller (industry project - Karachi Shipyards and Engineering works)
  • Production and characterization of stainless steel clad rebar. (industry project-Amreli Steels)
  • Enhancement of thermal stability as well as antibacterial properties in the edible packaging films.
  • To study the effect of reduction ratio on suppression of internal defects of continuously cast products (industry project-Peoples Steel Mill)
  • To study the causes of a high percentage of rejection in  foundry shop Karachi Shipyards and Engineering works ltd) (industry project - Karachi Shipyards and Engineering works)
  • Prevention of mud dephasing due to cement contamination during COC.
  • Effect of carbonates 〖(CO〗_3) and bi- carbonates 〖(HCO〗_3)  or clay shale swelling
  • Recovery optimization in gas condensate reservoirs
  • Sensitivity and economic analysis of in-situ co2 eor in unconventional tight
  • Experimental investigation of the applicability of nanotechnology for enhanced oil recovery
  • Experimental study of chemical enhance oil recovery in pakistan oil formations
  • Fabrication and characterization of antimony oxide nanomaterials by copreciptation method
  • Lithium ion cells characterization and testing device
  • Effect of cocoa nucifera on thermal and mechanical properties of high density polyethylene
  • Recycling of HDPE and re use in FMCG
  • Food-365
  • UNIPRO- A social community application
  • An AI-based applicant tracking syestem For HR
  • Carsist
  • Game based on blockchain with NFTs
  • Industrial academia coordination system
  • Live tailor
  • Meal Proof- A blockchain based Application for tracing Food Industry Supply Chain
  • OBD Charm
  • Pukaar- Call a nearby car mechanic on the spot
  • Qualified -An employee upskilling platform
  • Rising talent- An NFT marketplace
  • SAP integrated service request portal
  • Smart water management using IOT devices
  • Virtuell
  • Zakhu- real estate social media AI platform
  • One Shop
  • Air quality index analysis and alert system using machine learning
  • Virtual apparel try-on for web stores using machine learning
  • Simon cipher cryptography
  • Efficient implementation of ciphering for wireless communication
  • Channel coding implementation on FPGA
  • Non-destructive classification of woven fabric using machine learning
  • Autonomous smart bird cage system
  • Smart virtual training mirror
  • Airline customer model with automated message alert
  • Development and characterization of textile composite structures for sports
  • To analyze the effect of bleach washing on elastane in cotton fabric
  • Manufacturing and characterization of bicycle helmet
  • Effect of sportswear fabric parameters on its functional properties
  • Comparative analysis of washed garments subjected to different types of stones
  • Development of textile based triboelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting
  • Investigate the effects of various process parameter on dyeing and printing of low temperature dyeing polyester (Pbt) knitted fabric
  • Application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in operational planning of textile production
  • An enhanced experimental apporach on custom object detection using deep learning

Postgraduate Projects
Following is the list of relevant thesis carried out at postgraduate level in the University.

  • Poverty reduction through rural infrastructure development: Case study of Kech district, Balochistan
  • Municipal solid waste management and the role of informal sector: A case study of Quetta city
  • Elastographic evolution of thyroid in healthy population
  • Click fraud detection - Analysis and modeling
  • Development of investor’s sentiment index using NLP Techniques
  • Leveraging data science in sales: optimizing customer segmentation through RFM and K-means
  • Modeling and analysis of click fraud detection
  • Customer object interaction
  • Project management and quality management of blockchain technology in financial transactions
  • Developing an architecture SCADA/ DCS incorporating industry 4.0 for process industry (IE)
  • Autonomous canteen handler robotic unit (IE)
  • American options pricing with modified time-fractional black scholes equation and Komal transformations
  • Pricing options in Pakistan Stock Exchange Trade Market by modified time fractional two dimensional BS equation and shehu transformation technique
  • Challenges in online social networks (OSNs) deal with machine learning algorithms
  • Application of generalized linear model (GLM) in finance
  • Real-time data acquisition using IOT for ground bird smart farming

Externally Funded Research Projects
Following is the list of relevant research projects funded by external agencies, which are currently being carried out in the University.

  • Working women mobility and employability
  • Community based inventorying of intangible cultural heritage in Tharparkar, Sindh
  • Afloat for Centuries: The flat-bottomed indus boats - An abode, an agency for livelihood and an expression of cultural identity, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Capacity building in the field of higher education
  • Security and threat intelligence platform for the capital market of pakistan
  • National Center for Cyber Security
  • Weed detection and removal robot design for agriculture using ai and computer vision
  • Smart City Lab, National Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Center of excellence project no. 65 - Multifaceted crop scouting using industry 4.0
  • Pakistan English access microscholarship program award: SPK33018CA0018; Project No.: 102427.001.033
  • Mobility for bilateral stakeholder mapping for creating IoT networks for climate change
  • Synthesis, characterization and biological screening of crown ethers/ thia- crown ethers/ aza crowns and their complexes
  • Smart IOT enabled ground bird farming
  • Cost-effective synthesis of tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether (TEGDME) for the development of highly efficient energy storage devices
  • Engineering soft skills training of final year (Bachelor of Engineering) students to meet employment challenges after graduation
  • PUAN master class in creative writing
  • English for workforce development in Pakistan (Award SPK33018CA0037 FHI 360 Project No. 102479.001.002.025)
  • Disaster resilience improvement in Pakistan (DRIP)
  • CONSOLE: Machine vision based industrial Inspection system for quality assurance
  • Artificial intelligence as a pathway to reduce industrial Downtime cost through hybrid predictive maintenance (ADVICE)
  • RoboDoc: A social robot to protect healthcare professionals dealing in contagious diseases
  • Xcelerium
  • Development of novel mechanisms for the advanced plasma spray coating deposition based on in-situ oxide cleaning through creating a high-temperature droplet
  • Pak France peridot research project
  • Pakistan energy outlook
  • Energy finance outlook
  • Solar testing
  • EV development
  • Modernization of curriculum of textile engineering and textile technology in Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan (SMARTEX)
  • Recycling of polymeric materials; plastics and elastomers
  • Production of highly valuable sugarcane wax a way forward to sugarcane by product based industry
  • Constitutive Modelling of Self-Healing PVA Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SHPFRC)
  • Enhancement  of global competitiveness of Pakistani textile export value-chains by capacity building and product diversification (KnowTex)
  • Uderolal preidot research project

Events and Curricular Activities
A number of relevant activities are being carried out from time to time in the University, both by the departmental administrations and the students. Some significant activities are as follows.

  • Orientation & Carnival Programme 2022-23
  • Programme on women empowerment
  • NED Book Fair
  • An awareness program against the Harassment of Women at Workplace - Act 2010
  • Outreach Session for PhD Scholarship Program
  • The programme Outreach USA - Life after Graduation
  • Beyond the Horizon 2.0 Speaker Session & Theatre
  • The awareness programme on Turn Birds Hobby into Business
  • IdeaTank 2022
  • IGNITION 2022
  • A Day in The Life of An Engineer Working at Unilever
  • A Day in The Life of An Engineer Working at Get Pharma
  • A Day in The Life of An Engineer Working at Microsoft
  • A Day in The Life of An Engineer Working at Artistic Mills
  • A Day in The Life of An Engineer Working at KIA
  • organized a stall on Orientation Day
  • Higher Education Counseling Session in the US
  • soft skills workshop
  • 77. IEEE Day/NED Orientation'22
  • AI Club was granted 50 DataCamp licensed accounts through the DataCamp Donates program, which were distributed amongst deserving members
  • AI Club ki Baithak II
  • AI Fest 4.0
  • 86. A guiding session titled "Ready, Set and Hired"
  • webinar on "Benefits & Challenges of a Renewable Energy Shift | Solar Energy Systems"
  • Industrial Visit to Matco Foods
  • Seminars held on various topics including:
    • Effective Interviews
    • Importance of Software Skills in Chemical Engineering
    • Interpersonal Skills Seminar
    • Occupational Health and Safety Seminar
    • Safe transportation of Hydrogen
    • Use of accelerating rate calorimeter
  • Team AATCC Provided Volunteering Services to the 5th NED International Textile Conference 2022
  • visit to TIP
  • 5th NED International Textile Conference 2022