The University houses twenty-three state of the art research centres, which are actively involved in conducting hi-tech and hi-impact research. These centres are:

Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization

ORIC pursues to boost the environment of Research and Technology commercialization at University by supporting the university’s strategic research directions and policies to increase and diversify external research funding and grants and enhance the technology transfer mechanism to convert research into commercialized product for the public benefit.

Innovation and Intellectual Property

The following Patent applications were filed this year:

  • Dr. Nuzhat Arshad, Department of Chemistry, Synthesis of Natural products-based crown ethers of Anticancer and Antidiabetic Potential.
  • Dr. Rafia Usman Khan, Department of Chemistry, Synthesis of short chain Ethyl 1-6-Methyl-4 Phenyl-2,3,4-dihydropyrimidine-5Carboxylate stabilized silver Nanoparticles as unique Nano-hybrid with remarkable impact in Environment and Biological Applications.
  • Dr. Shazia Perveen, Department of Chemistry, An inventive Scalable Method for the Production of High-Quality Graphene Oxide Nano-sheets.
  • Dr. Shazia Perveen, Department of Chemistry, A Novel Scalable Electrochemical Method for Obtaining High Quality Reduced Graphene Oxide Nano-sheets & A Novel Characterization Method Thereof.

Research Activities

ORIC played an efficient role in encouraging faculty and researchers to actively participate in the funding and research grants available through national and international forums to transform their research into developed products for commercialization for making incremental improvements to the quality of life for consumers. In addition to the on-going projects, this year, following number of research proposal are already submitted and are in various stages of review.

  • 49: National Research Programme for Universities (NRPU), which is a flagship Research Programme of HEC for funding research grants on competitive merit for high-level and promising scientific research projects that demonstrate strategic relevance and impact to local industry and society. As of now, 24 proposals have been awarded, making the acceptance rate at 49%.
  • 14: The Grand Challenge Fund (GCF), a Project supported by the World Bank and implemented by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The GCF is anticipated to promote research excellence in strategic sectors of the economy, and will provide funds to selected institutions based upon a competitive, peer-reviewed evaluation of proposals.
  • 06: Local Challenge Fund, a Project supported by the World Bank and implemented by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The LCF is anticipated to support research projects that address locally relevant socio-economic issues and may also address topics associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • 04: The Technology Transfer Support Fund (TTSF) is a key element of the Higher Education.
  • Development in Pakistan Project supported by the World Bank and implemented by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The TTSF is anticipated to support promising partnerships between academia and industry to facilitate the transfer of university developed technological research to industry and the commercial sector.
  • 13: The CPEC- Collaborative Research Grant (CPEC - CRG) is one of the key components of recently launched HEC initiative namely "Academic Collaboration under CPEC Consortium of Universities". The overall objective of the said project is to understand and respond to the historic global geo-strategic and geo-economic transition and its impact on the region in general and Pakistan in particular, keeping in the view the broad Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and its Pakistan-specific component – CPEC. Of the 13 proposals submitted in this grant, one proposal was approved for funding, worth USD 313,000.

Activity Summary Graph

The following graph depicts the course offerings and other recent activities carried out at NED University of Engineering and Technology both at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG), relevant to the requirements of sustainable development goal 8. A brief description of the same follows.  

Undergraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different undergraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus, available at

1 AR-431: Environmental Design and Systems-III
2 AR-442: Communication and Allied Skills-VI
3 AR-451: Construction and Materials-V
4 AR-461: Research Methodologies
5 AR-473: Studies in Critical Regionalism
6 AR-552: Construction and Materials-VI
7 AR-561: Professional Practice
8 AU-102: Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics
9 AU-112: Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics
10 AU-113: Introduction to Automotive Systems
11 AU-201: Automotive Power Plants
12 AU-203: Statistics & Quality Control
13 AU-212: Computer Programming and Applications
14 AU-222: Automobile Instrumentation
15 AU-225: Fundamentals of Analogue and Digital Electronics
16 AU-231: Manufacturing Engineering-I
17 AU-241: Automotive Propulsion
18 AU-311: Manufacturing Engineering II
19 AU-313: Combustion, Emission and Pollution
20 AU-314: Vehicle Dynamics
21 AU-315: Design of Machine Elements
22 AU-415: Vehicle Design
23 AU-416: Mechatronics
24 AU-422: Automotive Transmission & Drives
25 AU-431: Vehicle Thermal Management
26 AU-433: Automotive Health Safety and Environment
27 AU-441: Product Development and Operations Management
28 AU-442: FEM and FVM: Applications in Automotive Engineering
29 AU-444: Hybrid Vehicles & Drives
30 AU-499: Automotive Engineering Project
31 CE-102: Statics and Dynamics
32 CE-107: Engineering Drawing-I
33 CE-108: Engineering Materials
34 CE-109: Engineering Surveying-I
35 CE-110: Chemistry for Civil Engineers
36 CE-111: Introduction to Computing for Civil Engineers
37 CE-112: Fundamentals of Statics
38 CE-113: Surveying for Architects
39 CE-201: Engineering Surveying - II
40 CE-205: Mechanics of Solids -I
41 CE-212: Mechanics of Solids
42 CE-215: Fluid Mechanics
43 CE-219: Fluid Mechanics-I
44 CE-220: Geology for Engineers
45 CE-221: Structural Analysis-I
46 CE-222: Engineering Drawing-II
47 CE-223: Geology for Engineers
48 CE-252: Structure for Architects-I
49 CE-302: Transportation Engineering -I
50 CE-305: Soil Mechanics - I
51 CE-314: Structural Analysis - II
52 CE-319: Fluid Mechanics-II
53 CE-320: Reinforced Concrete Design-I
54 CE-321: Construction Engineering
55 CE-322: Mechanics of Solids-II
56 CE-323: Quantity & Cost Estimation
57 CE-352: Structure for Architects-II
58 CE-403: Soil Mechanics - II
59 CE-409: Civil Engineering Project
60 CE-418: Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering-I
61 CE-420: Reinforced Concrete Design-II
62 CE-421: Design of Steel Structures
63 CE-422: Structural Design & Drawing
64 CE-423: Masonry Structures
65 CE-424: Essentials in Construction Project Management
66 CE-425: Modern Aspects of Construction Project Management
67 CE-426: Building Information Modeling
68 CE-427: Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Opportunity Assessment
69 CE-429: Geo-synthetics And Their Applications
70 CE-431: Geoinformatics Applications
71 CE-432: Transportation Engineering-II
72 CE-434: Procurement Management
73 CE-435: Construction Contract management
74 CE-438: Hydraulics and Water Resource Engineering-II
75 CE-439: Engineer and Society
76 CH-104: Chemical Engineering Principle
77 CH-107: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-I
78 CH-202: Fluid Mechanics-I
79 CH-203: Chemical Process Industries
80 CH-206: Thermodynamics
81 CH-207: Fluid Mechanics-II
82 CH-209: Fluid Mechanics-I
83 CH-210: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-II
84 CH-211: Fluid Mechanics-II
85 CH-212: Particulate Technology
86 CH-213: Chemical Process Industries
87 CH-302: Separation Processes
88 CH-306: Chemical Process Control
89 CH-309: Chemical Reaction Engineering
90 CH-401: Process Modeling and Simulation
91 CH-404: Chemical Process Optimization
92 CH-405: Industrial Safety & Maintenance Management
93 CH-407: Industrial Organization & Management
94 CH-414: Chemical Plant Design
95 CH-415: Transport Phenomena
96 CH-418: Industrial Organization & Management
97 CH-499: Chemical Engineering Project
98 CN-223: Fundamentals of Applied Economics for Engineers
99 CN-323: Constructions Contracts
100 CN-331: Construction Jobsite Engineering and Management
101 CN-333: Construction Economic Analysis
102 CN-336: Accounting and Financial Management
103 CN-416: Legal and Regualtory Environment in the Construction Industry
104 CN-427: Quality and Safety Aspects in Construction Engineering
105 CN-428: Sustainable Construction
106 CN-429: Building Information Modeling
107 CN-433: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Assessment
108 CN-434: Temporary Structures in Construction
109 CN-435: Systems in Building Construction
110 CN-436: Heavy Construction Equipment and Operations
111 CT-153: Programming Languages
112 CT-157: Data Structure Algorithms & Applications
113 CT-158: Fundamentals of Information Technology
114 CT-159: Data Structure Algorithms & Applications
115 CT-162: Discrete Structures
116 CT-173: Introduction to Computer Applications
117 CT-174: Fundamentals of Information Technology
118 CT-175: Programming Fundamentals
119 CT-251: Object Oriented Programming
120 CT-257: Database Management Systems
121 CT-258: Financial & Cost Accounting
122 CT-259: System Analysis & Design
123 CT-260: Object Oriented Programming
124 CT-261: Database Management Systems
125 CT-353: Operating Systems
126 CT-361: Artificial Intelligence & Expert System
127 CT-362: Web Engineering
128 CT-363: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
129 CT-364: Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
130 CT-365: Software Engineering
131 CT-367: Theory of Programming Languages
132 CT-376: Computer Communication Networks
133 CT-460: Network & Information Security
134 CT-461: E-Commerce
135 CT-463: Data Warehouse & Mining
136 CT-464: Modeling & Simulation
137 CT-465: Compiler Design
138 CT-481: Wireless Network and Mobile Computing
139 CT-484: Introduction to Cyber Security
140 CT-485: Natural Language Processing
141 CT-499: Software-Based Project
142 DS-103: Introduction to Accounting
143 DS-143: Computer Applications in Development-I
144 DS-204: Computer Applications in Development-II
145 DS-206: Statistical Applications in Development-I
146 DS-207: Statistical Applications in Development-II
147 DS-241: Introduction to Research Methodology-I
148 DS-242: Introduction to Research Methodology-II
149 DS-243: Computer Applications in Development-II
150 DS-244: Statistical Applications in Development-I
151 DS-245: Statistical Applications in Development-II
152 DS-246: Participatory Development
153 DS-251: Theory and Management of Organisations
154 DS-302: Development Planning Workshop-I
155 DS-304: Urban Development
156 DS-305: Management Organisation-II
157 DS-307: Agricultural Development
158 DS-308: Development Planning Workshop-II
159 DS-309: Linear Programming
160 DS-312: Public Health
161 DS-313: Political Economics
162 DS-316: Gender and Development
163 DS-401: Development Studies Project
164 DS-402: Development Planning Workshop-III
165 DS-404: Entrepreneurship
166 DS-405: Microfinance-I
167 DS-406: Environmental Issues in Development
168 DS-408: Sustainability in Development
169 DS-409: Microfinance-II
170 DS-410: Development Planning in Pakistan
171 DS-421: Corporate Social Responsibility and Applications in Development
172 EC-102: Principles of Accounting
173 EC-104: Financial Accounting
174 EC-105: Information Technology in Business Economics
175 EC-202: Cost Accounting
176 EC-203: Computer Application to Business & Finance
177 EC-207: Managerial Accounting
178 EC-208: Introduction to Business Finance
179 EC-209: Financial & Cost Accounting
180 EC-308: Business Research Methods
181 EC-309: Financial Management
182 EC-407: Industrial Economics
183 EC-412: Corporate Finance
184 EC-413: Project Appraisal & Investment Analysis
185 EC-415: Time Series Analysis
186 EC-417: Studies of Urban Economics
187 FD-305: Machine Design for Food Engineers
188 FD-306: Instrumentation& Measurement for Food Engineers
189 FD-411: Food Plant Layout and Design
190 FD-430: Food Engineering Project
191 IM-101: Computer Applications in Engineering
192 IM-105: Thermofluids
193 IM-203: Manufacturing Processes
194 IM-207: Computer Programming & Drafting
195 IM-208: Materials Engineering
196 IM-209: Mechanics of Materials
197 IM-211: Machine Design
198 IM-212: Computer Aided Engineering Design
199 IM-213: Metrology and Quality Control
200 IM-303: Production Management
201 IM-307: Advance Manufacturing Processes
202 IM-308: Operations Research
203 IM-310: Tool Design
204 IM-312: Applied Thermo Fluids
205 IM-320: Modeling and Simulation
206 IM-402: Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
207 IM-405: Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
208 IM-408: Automation & Robotics
209 IM-409: Manufacturing Engineering Project
210 IM-411: Methods Engineering
211 IM-413: Plant Engineering
212 IM-416: Management Information System
213 IM-417: Health, Safety & Environment
214 IM-419: Project Management
215 ME-101: Engineering Mechanics
216 ME-104: Workshop Practice
217 ME-106: Statics
218 ME-110: Basic Mechanical Engineering
219 ME-111: Engineering Drawing
220 ME-112: Thermodynamics
221 ME-113: Computer Aided Drawing
222 ME-115: Statics
223 ME-116: Basic Mechanical Engineering
224 ME-202: Solid Mechanics - I
225 ME-204: Fluid Mechanics - I
226 ME-209: Materials and Metallurgy
227 ME-213: Dynamics
228 ME-214: Computer Programming & Applications
229 ME-217: Elements of Machine Dynamics & Design
230 ME-218: Solid Mechanics-I
231 ME-219: Mechanics of Machine
232 ME-220: Manufacturing Processes-I
233 ME-221: Fluid Mechanics-I
234 ME-222: Dynamics
235 ME-223: Engineering Mechanics Lab
236 ME-224: Internal Combustion Engines
237 ME-302: Solid Mechanics - II
238 ME-306: Mechanical Vibrations
239 ME-311: Manufacturing Processes
240 ME-313: Solid Mechanics - II
241 ME-314: Fluid Mechanics-II
242 ME-315: Heat & Mass Transfer
243 ME-316: Fluid Mechanics-II
244 ME-317: Manufacturing Processes-II
245 ME-318: Heat & Mass Transfer
246 ME-319: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
247 ME-320: RAC and Heat Transfer Lab
248 ME-321: Power Plant Engineering
249 ME-322: IC Engine and Power Plant Lab
250 ME-323: Machine Design
251 ME-409: Mechanical Engineering Project
252 ME-417: Compressible Flow and Propulsion Systems
253 ME-419: Stress Analysis
254 ME-420: Operations Management
255 ME-421: Gas Turbine
256 ME-422: Nuclear Power
257 ME-423: Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing
258 ME-424: Clean Energy Technology
259 ME-425: Finite Element Analysis
260 ME-428: Health, Safety & Environment
261 ME-429: Water Treatment & Desalination
262 ME-430: Mechatronics
263 ME-431: Tribology
264 ME-432: Health, Safety and Environment
265 ME-435: Operations Management
266 ME-436: Mechanical Vibrations
267 ME-437: Machine Design and Vibration Lab
268 ME-438: AI and Internet of Things
269 MG-211: Strategic Management
270 MG-212: Technology Management
271 MG-312: Business Research Methods
272 MG-314: Operations Research & Management
273 MG-450: Principles of Supply Chain Management
274 MG-452: Information Technology for SCM
275 MG-453: Supply Chain Inventory
276 MG-454: Supply Planning & Control Systems
277 MG-455: Business Process Simulation
278 MG-456: Procurement Management
279 MG-480: Business Process Management
280 MG-499: Final Year Project
281 MM-102: Introduction to Engineering Materials
282 MM-201: Physical Metallurgy
283 MM-202: Production and Refining of Materials
284 MM-204: Engineering Ceramics and Refractory Materials
285 MM-205: Mechanics of Materials
286 MM-208: Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing and Foundry
287 MM-303: Inspection and Testing of Materials
288 MM-304: Heat Treatment of Materials
289 MM-305: Polymer and Composite Materials
290 MM-307: Joining of Materials
291 MM-308: Materials Characterisation and Analytical Techniques
292 MM-309: Construction Materials
293 MM-401: Materials Characterization Techniques
294 MM-402: Design and Selection of Materials
295 MM-404: Phase Transformations in Materials
296 MM-410: Materials Engineering Project
297 MM-411: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
298 MM-412: Surface Engineering
299 MM-414: Total Quality Management
300 MM-415: Material Deformations and Failures: Mechanism and Analysis
301 MT-273: Deffirential Equations & Linear Algebra
302 MT-332: Advanced Calculus & Linear Algebra
303 MT-333: Advanced Calculus & Fourier Analysis
304 MT-335: Probablity and Statistics
305 MT-336: Introduction to Linear Algebra and Programming
306 MT-337: Introduction to Statistics
307 MT-351: Operation Research
308 MT-352: Financial Management
309 MT-353: Discrete-Time Finance
310 MT-354: Financial Derivatives
311 MT-452: Financial Modelling
312 MT-454: Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic
313 MT-455: Econometrics
314 MT-458: Islamic Banking & Financial System
315 MY-101: Introduction to Metallurgical Engineering
316 MY-206: Furnaces and Refractories
317 MY-207: Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
318 MY-208: Mineral Processing
319 MY-209: Metal Forming and Shaping Processes
320 MY-210: Iron Making Processes
321 MY-211: Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics
322 MY-303: Foundry: Principles, Methods and Practice
323 MY-304: Metallurgy of Welding
324 MY-308: Polymer & Composite Materials
325 MY-309: Steel Making Processes
326 MY-310: Non-Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy
327 MY-402: Advanced Materials
328 MY-406: Powder Metallurgy
329 MY-407: Design, Selection and Characterisation of Engineering Materials
330 MY-408: Metallurgical Engineering Project
331 MY-409: Metallurgical Plants and Quality Control
332 MY-410: Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis
333 MY-411: Vacuum Metallurgy
334 MY-412: Metallurgy of Advanced Steels
335 PE-103: Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering
336 PE-104: Applied Petroleum Geology
337 PE-105: Computer Programming & Application
338 PE-202: Petroleum Geology
339 PE-203: Reservoir Petrophysics
340 PE-205: Computer Programming & Applications
341 PE-206: Thermodynamics - I
342 PE-207: Drilling Engineering-I
343 PE-208: Reservoir Petrophysics
344 PE-209: Fluid Mechanics
345 PE-210: Thermodynamics-I
346 PE-211: Introduction to Data Sciences
347 PE-212: Reservoir Fluid Properties
348 PE-213: Drilling Engineering-I
349 PE-302: Reservoir Fluid Properties
350 PE-304: Reservoir Engineering-I
351 PE-306: Subsurface Production Engineering
352 PE-308: Petroleum Production Economics
353 PE-310: Natural Gas Engineering
354 PE-311: Fundamentals of Well Logging
355 PE-312: Drilling Engineering-II
356 PE-313: Structural Geology & Geophysical Exploration
357 PE-401: Reservoir Simulation
358 PE-402: Reservoir Engineering II
359 PE-406: Petroleum Refinery Engineering
360 PE-407: Petroleum Property, Env. and Safety Management
361 PE-408: Well Testing
362 PE-410: Petroleum Engineering Project
363 PE-411: Project Planning and Management
364 PE-412: Introduction to Unconventional Oil, Gas & Energy Resources
365 PE-413: Oil and Gas Field Production Facilities
366 PE-414: Water Flooding and Introduction to EnhPH-101: Mechanics & Properties of Matter
367 PH-104: Waves & Oscillations
368 PH-112: Applied Physics
369 PH-122: Applied Physics
370 PH-127: Applied Physics for Engineers
371 PH-201: Optics
372 PH-202: Modern Physics
373 PH-204: Introduction to Material Science
374 PH-205: Classical Mechanics
375 PH-301: Quantum Mechanics-I
376 PH-302: Laser Engineering
377 PH-303: Mathematical Physics-I
378 PH-305: Vacuum Science
379 PH-307: Mathematical Physics-II
380 PH-308: Quamtum Mechanics-II
381 PH-310: Solid State Physics-I
382 PH-313: Cosmology and Theory of Relativity
383 PH-401: Computational Physics
384 PH-403: Solid State Physics-II
385 PH-407: Applied Physics Project
386 PH-409: Atomic & Molecular Physics
387 PH-412: Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies
388 PH-413: Surface Science
389 PH-415: Statistical Mechanics
390 PH-417: Nuclear Physics
391 PP-104: Introduction to Polymer
392 PP-105: Introduction to Petrochemical
393 PP-202: Polymer Physics
394 PP-203: Principles of Chemical Processes
395 PP-205: Petroleum and Petrochemical Products
396 PP-207: Fluid Mechanics
397 PP-210: Polymer Processing
398 PP-211: Computer Programming & Applications
399 PP-212: Polymeric Materials & Their Characterization
400 PP-221: Polymer & Petrochemical Lab-I
401 PP-222: Polymer & Petrochemical Lab-II
402 PP-301: Process Control and Instrumentation
403 PP-307: Polymer Composites
404 PP-311: Chemical Reaction Engineering
405 PP-321: Polymer & Petrochemical Lab-III
406 PP-322: Polymer & Petrochemical Lab-IV
407 PP-323: Polymer & Petrochemical Lab-V
408 PP-402: Petrochemical Processes
409 PP-403: Plant Utilities & Safety
410 PP-406: Process Equipment Design
411 PP-408: Polymer & Petrochemical Engineering Project
412 PP-409: Advance Polymer Engineering
413 PP-410: Polymer Reaction Engineering
414 PP-411: Separation Processes
415 PP-413: Process Optimization
416 PP-421: Polymer & Petrochemical Lab-VI
417 PP-425: Polymer Rheology
418 PP-427: Rubber Technology
419 TE-111: Textile Chemistry
420 TE-113: Introduction to Textile Engineering
421 TE-203: Computer Programming and Applications
422 TE-207: Machine Design
423 TE-208: Material Science
424 TE-211: Textile Yarn Manufacturing Processes
425 TE-224: Polymer & Fibre Science
426 TE-234: Polymer & Fibre Science
427 TE-305: Quality Control In Textiles
428 TE-307: Utilities for Textile Industry
429 TE-312: Textile Fabric Manufacturing Processes
430 TE-313: Textile Product Evaluation-I
431 TE-318: Textile & Environment
432 TE-319: Heat & Mass Transfer
433 TE-326: Textile Dyeing
434 TE-406: Textile Production Management
435 TE-408: Textile Engineering Design Project
436 TE-413: Textile Product Evaluation-II
437 TE-424: Textile Printing
438 TE-451: Automation & Control in Textile
439 TE-452: Textile Finishing
440 TE-454: Textile Merchandizing & Management
441 TE-455: Advanced Garment Manufacturing
442 TE-461: Advanced Yarn Manufacturing Mechanism
443 TE-462: Advanced Fabric Manufacturing Mechanism
444 TS-102: Textile Raw Materials-I
445 TS-108: Textile Raw Materials-II
446 TS-109: Introduction to Textiles
447 TS-119: Introduction to Textiles
448 TS-205: Pre-Spinning Processes
449 TS-206: Yarn Production Processes
450 TS-207: High Performance Fibres
451 TS-208: Weaving Preparatory Processes
452 TS-209: Colour Science
453 TS-233: Textile Testing-I
454 TS-245: Pre-treatment in Textiles
455 TS-341: Advanced Yarn Production Processes
456 TS-343: Weaving Mechanisms
457 TS-354: Knitting Technology
458 TS-356: Textile Dyeing
459 TS-358: Textile Printing
460 TS-361: Textile Testing-II
461 TS-455: Advanced Fabric Manufacturing Technique
462 TS-458: Project
463 TS-470: Technical Textiles
464 UE-102: Statics and Dynamics
465 UE-151: Engineering Drawing-I
466 UE-152: Engineering Materials
467 UE-153: Engineering Surveying-I
468 UE-154: Chemistry for Civil Engineers
469 UE-155: Introduction to Computing for Civil Engineering
470 UE-201: Engineering Surveying - II
471 UE-218: Law and Regulatory Control Studies
472 UE-251: Mechanics of Solid-I
473 UE-252: Geology for Engineers
474 UE-253: Engineering Drawing-II
475 UE-254: Fluid Mechanics-I
476 UE-255: Structural Analysis-I
477 UE-270: Surveying and Geo informatics
478 UE-305: Soil Mechanics - I
479 UE-351: Reinforced Concrete Design-I
480 UE-352: Construction Engineering
481 UE-353: Quantity & Cost Estimations
482 UE-355: Essential in Construction Project Management
483 UE-356: Traffic Engineering and Management
484 UE-359: Structural Analysis-II
485 UE-360: Mechanics of Solids-II
486 UE-361: Planning & Design of Transportation System
487 UE-403: Soil Mechanics - II
488 UE-415: Urban Engineering Project
489 UE-435: Financial Resource Management
490 UE-451: Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Engineering-I
491 UE-452: Urban Mass Transportation
492 UE-453: Reinforced Concrete Design-II
493 UE-454: Design of Steel Structures
494 UE-455: Municipal Engineering and Urban Management
495 UE-460: Geoinformatics

Postgraduate Courses
Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different postgraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Postgraduate Prospectus, available at

1 AR-511: Introduction to Urban Design
2 AR-513: Methods in Ph1sical Planning
3 AR-601: Advanced Architectural Design-I
4 AR-602: Advanced Architectural Design-II
5 AR-603: Studies in Architectural Research
6 AR-604: Architectural Theor1
7 AR-608: Green Architecture: Concepts and Applications
8 AR-612: Methods in Urban Planning Research
9 AR-614: Infrastructure Planning
10 AR-615: Economic Development and Regional Planning
11 AR-617: Advanced Studies in Urban Design
12 AR-623: Computer Applications in Planning
13 AR-648: Architecture and the Cit1
14 AR-698: Thesis
15 BM-450: Anatom1 and Ph1siolog1 for Engineers
16 BM-5002: Thesis
17 BM-541: Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation
18 BM-542: Finite Element Method
19 BM-543: Mechatronics S1stem Design
20 BM-544: Mathematical & Computer Modeling of Ph1siological S1stem
21 BM-545: Biomedical Ethics for Engineers
22 BM-547: Medical Robotics
23 BM-550: Advanced Medical Imaging
24 BM-553: Advanced Biomaterials
25 BM-554: Design of Implants/ Artificial Organs
26 BM-563: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
27 BM-565: Research Methodolog1
28 BM-567: Regulator1 Framework for Medical Devices
29 CE-5002: Thesis
30 CE-501: Advanced Structural Anal1sis
31 CE-5012: Intellectual propert1 (IP) protection and Professional Ethics
32 CE-5013: Construction Contracts and Procurement Law
33 CE-5014: Construction Claims Preparation and Anal1sis
34 CE-5015: Construction Disputes
35 CE-5016: Fundamentals of Environmental Laws for Construction Industr1
36 CE-5017: Construction Specifications writing and Documentation
37 CE-5018: Construction Law Case Studies
38 CE-502: Advanced Mechanics of Solids
39 CE-5020: Construction Law and Risk Management
40 CE-5021: International Perspectives of Construction Law
41 CE-5024: Tort in Engineering
42 CE-503: Advanced Reinforced Concrete
43 CE-504: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
44 CE-505: Prestressed Concrete Design
45 CE-506: Finite Element Method
46 CE-508: Computer Method of Structural Anal1sis
47 CE-510: Structural Stabilit1
48 CE-511: Structural D1namics
49 CE-513: Seismic Anal1sis and Design
50 CE-514: Design of Tall Structures
51 CE-515: Design of Steel Structures
52 CE-516: Repair, Maintenance & Streng. of RC Structures
53 CE-517: Performance-based Seismic Design
54 CE-518: Mathematical Methods for Engineers
55 CE-519: Advanced Cementitious Materials
56 CE-532: Foundation Engineering
57 CE-533: Soil Foundation D1namics
58 CE-540: Earth Retaining Structures
59 CE-544: Quantitative Tools for Engineering Management
60 CE-545: Construction Claim Management
61 CE-548: Occupational Health & Safet1 in Construction
62 CE-550: Construction Productivit1 Management
63 CE-561: Urban Transportation Planning
64 CE-562: Geometric Design of Highwa1s
65 CE-563: Advanced Traffic Engineering & Management
66 CE-564: Probabilit1 and Statistics
67 CE-567: Public Mass Transportation
68 CE-569: Pavement Anal1sis & Design
69 CE-570: Transportation Economics
70 CE-575: Railwa1 Track Engineering
71 CE-585: H1draulic Structure Engineering / Advanced H1draulic Engineering
72 CE-588: Leadership in Consruction Management
73 CE-589: Suppl1 Chain Management in Construction Industr1
74 CE-591: Cost Engineering & Control
75 CE-592: Decision Making & Risk Mang. in Construction
76 CE-593: Construction Operations & Development of Technologies
77 CE-595: Tech Entrepr and The Mang. & Mark. of Const. Serv
78 CE-596: Public Infrastructure Management
79 CH-498: Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
80 CH-501: Chemical Thermod1namics - III
81 CH-502: Advanced Reaction Engineering
82 CH-503: Transport Phenomena
83 CH-504: Advanced Process Control
84 CH-505: Mathematical Methods
85 CH-506: Applied Chemical Thermod1namics
86 CH-507: Thermal Process Engineering
87 CH-508: Process Design Simulation
88 CH-509: Reactor Design and kinetics
89 CH-511: Pol1mer Processing
90 CH-512: Applied Statistics
91 CH-513: Advanced Composite Materials
92 CH-514: Petroleum Refining Engineering
93 CH-515: Computational Fluid D1namics
94 CH-517: Corrosion
95 CH-520: Advanced Heat Transfer
96 CH-521: Process D1namics and Control
97 CH-522: Advanced Refining and Gas Engineering
98 CH-523: Process Safet1 Management
99 CS-404: Computer S1stems Architecture & Organization
100 CS-407: Computing Essentials
101 CS-408: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
102 CS-411: Computer S1stems Fundamentals
103 CS-412: Data Structures and Databases
104 CS-5002: Thesis
105 CS-503: Queuing Theor1 for Performance Modeling of Computer S1stems
106 CS-506: Advanced Computer S1stems Architecture
107 CS-5101: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
108 CS-5102: Machine Learning
109 CS-5103: Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence
110 CS-5104: Intelligent S1stems Design
111 CS-5105: Deep Learning
112 CS-5107: Computer Vision
113 CS-5115: Advanced Image Processing
114 CS-5124: Pattern Recognition
115 CS-514: Performance Evaluation of Computer S1stems
116 CS-517: Digital Communication Theor1
117 CS-523: Routing and Switching
118 CS-531: Advanced Operating S1stems
119 CS-538: Information Theor1 and Cr1ptograph1
120 CS-539: Computer Securit1
121 CS-540: Computer Network Protocols
122 CS-541: Stochastic Processes for Computer Networks
123 CS-542: C1ber Securit1
124 CS-543: Internet Securit1
125 CS-544: Vulnerabilit1 Assessment and Ethical Hacking
126 CS-551: Advanced Database S1stems
127 CS-552: Data Anal1tics
128 CS-553: Information S1stems Management
129 CS-554: Data Securit1 and Audit
130 CS-555: Distributed S1stems
131 CS-562: Big Data Computing
132 CS-563: Business Intelligence
133 CS-564: Cloud Computing
134 CS-565: Data Encr1ption
135 CS-566: Data Mining
136 CS-568: Decision Support S1stems
137 CS-569: E-Business Management
138 CS-570: Enterprise Resource Planning
139 CS-572: Internet Traffic Engineering and Management
140 CS-573: Network Securit1
141 CT-491: Operating S1stems
142 CT-492: Object Oriented Programming
143 CT-493: Data Structure and Algorithms Design
144 CT-494: Introduction to Databases
145 CT-5002: Thesis
146 CT-501: Software Project Management
147 CT-502: Theor1 of Automata
148 CT-503: Operations Research & Optimisation
149 CT-504: Advanced Numerical Anal1sis
150 CT-505: Financial Management
151 CT-506: Advanced Anal1sis of Algorithms
152 CT-508: Cr1ptograph1
153 CT-509: Distributed S1stems
154 CT-510: Algebra and Number Theor1
155 CT-512: Principles of Marketing
156 CT-524: Knowledge Based S1stems
157 CT-527: Image Processing and Computer Vision
158 CT-528: Advance Database Techniques
159 CT-530: Data Mining
160 CT-532: Information S1stem Audit
161 CT-534: Software Qualit1 Assurance
162 CT-539: Advanced Computer Networking
163 CT-542: Information Securit1 Management
164 CT-544: C1ber Crimes and Securit1
165 CT-545: Digital Forensics
166 CT-554: Ethical Hacking
167 CT-555: Cloud Securit1
168 CT-556: Intrusion Detection
169 CT-558: Distributed Blockchain Technologies
170 CT-560: Deep Learning
171 CT-561: Natural Language Processing
172 CT-562: Machine Learning
173 CT-563: Business Intelligence
174 CT-564: Web Intelligence and Big Data
175 CT-569: Virtualization and Cloud Computing
176 CT-574: Information Privac1 and Securit1
177 CT-575: Cr1ptograph1
178 CT-576: Advanced Operating S1stem
179 CT-577: Advanced Theor1 of Automata
180 CT-581: Statistics & Probabilit1 for Data Science
181 CT-583: Tools and Techniques for Data Science
182 CT-589: Social Media Anal1sis
183 CT-590: Data Visualization
184 CT-592: Big Data Anal1tics
185 CT-593: Data Warehousing
186 CT-597: Time Series Anal1sis & Forecasting
187 CT-599: Speech Processing
188 C1-402: Ph1sical Chemistr1
189 C1-403: Instrumental Methods and Techniques
190 C1-404: Separation Techniques
191 C1-415: Mathematics and Statistics
192 C1-5002: Thesis
193 C1-501: Unit Operations
194 C1-502: Advanced Chemical Kinetics
195 C1-503: Chemical Thermod1namics
196 C1-504: Industrial Chemical Anal1sis
197 C1-506: Electroanal1tical Techniques
198 C1-507: Advanced Chromatographic Techniques
199 C1-511: Research Methodolog1
200 C1-512: Drug and Heteroc1clic Chemistr1
201 C1-513: Organic S1nthesis
202 C1-517: Corrosin Chemistr1
203 C1-522: Water Treatment
204 C1-523: Nano Chemistr1
205 C1-524: Laborator1 Qualit1 Assurance
206 EC-403: Introduction to Accounting
207 EC-505: Financial Accounting
208 EC-509: Investment Anal1sis and Porfolio Management
209 EC-524: Research Methodolog1
210 EE-5002: Thesis
211 EE-501: Linear Control S1stems
212 EE-502: Optimal Control S1stems
213 EE-503: Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
214 EE-504: Adaptive Control S1stems
215 EE-505: Digital Control S1stem
216 EE-512: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
217 EE-521: Power S1stem Anal1sis-I
218 EE-522: Power S1stem Anal1sis-II
219 EE-523: Power S1stem Protection
220 EE-524: Electrical Power Distribution S1stem Engg.-I
221 EE-525: Electrical Power Distribution S1stem Engg.-II
222 EE-526: Electrical Power Transmission S1stem Engineering
223 EE-527: Power S1stem Stabilit1
224 EE-528: Computer Methods in Power S1stem Anal1sis
225 EE-529: Power S1stem Reliabilit1
226 EE-531: Embedded Power Generation
227 EE-532: Reactive Power Control
228 EE-543: Solid State DC Drives
229 EE-561: Power Generation Economics
230 EE-562: Energ1 Audits
231 EE-563: Energ1 Conservation
232 EE-564: Power S1stem Restructuring
233 EE-565: Distributed Generation
234 EE-566: Reliabilit1 Engineeering
235 EE-567: Energ1 Planning
236 EE-570: Advanced Electrical Power S1stems
237 EE-571: Advanced Power Electronics
238 EE-572: S1nchrophasor Technolog1
239 EE-573: Smart Grid Technologies and Applications
240 EE-574: Data Anal1tics for Smart Grid
241 EE-575: Electricit1 Markets
242 EE-576: Communication S1stem for Smart Grid
243 EE-577: Energ1 Storage S1stems
244 EE-578: Renewable Energ1 Integration with Electrical Networks
245 EE-579: Smart Grid S1stem Securit1
246 EL-402: Introduction to Mechatronics
247 EL-403: Introduction to Power Electronics
248 EL-5002: Thesis
249 EL-501: Solid State Materials and Devices
250 EL-502: Analog Integrated Circuits
251 EL-503: Advanced Digital Electronics & Interfacing Techniques
252 EL-504: Electronics Design Automation
253 EL-507: Fuzz1 Logic and Intelligent Electronics Control S1stems
254 EL-511: Digital VLSI Design
255 EL-512: Analog VLSI Design
256 EL-514: Light wave Engineering
257 EL-521: Measurement & Calibration of Electronic S1stems
258 EL-523: Industrial Control S1stems
259 EL-524: Advanced Power Electronics
260 EL-525: Sensors and S1stems
261 EL-526: Robotics and its Application of Industrial Electronics
262 EM-501: Organisational S1stems
263 EM-502: Accounting and Financial Management
264 EM-503: Strategic Planning and Decision Making
265 EM-504: Project Management Framework and Tools
266 EN-5002: Thesis
267 EN-502: Environmental Applied Science
268 EN-508: Environment Impact Assessment
269 EN-510: Process D1namics in Environmental S1stem
270 EN-511: Environmental Management
271 EN-513: Industrial Waste Treatment and Disposal
272 EN-514: Water Resources Management
273 EN-515: Air Pollution and Control
274 EN-518: Sustainable Development & Appropriate Technolog1
275 EN-520: Marine Pollution and Control
276 EN-521: Special Topics in Environmental Engineering
277 EN-523: Anal1sis of Environmental Contaminants
278 EN-524: Wastewater Engineering
279 EN-525: Ph1sico Chemical Processes
280 EN-526: Solid Waste Management
281 EN-527: Environmental Health and Sanitation
282 EN-531: Environmental Qualit1 Management
283 EN-537: Water Qualit1 Management
284 EN-540: Health, Safet1 & Environmental Management
285 EN-541: Remote Sensing in Environmental Management
286 EN-542: Sustainable Waste Management
287 EQ-5002: Thesis
288 EQ-501: Structural D1namics
289 EQ-502: Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering
290 EQ-504: Advanced Structural Anal1sis
291 EQ-505: Structural Reliabilit1 Anal1sis
292 EQ-522: Performance BAsed Seismic Design
293 EQ-523: Seismic Design of Steel and Composite Structures
294 EQ-528: Finite Element Method
295 EQ-529: FRP Reinforced Concrete Design
296 EQ-532: Fire Safet1 and Management
297 HS-503: Research Methodolo1 in Applied Linguistics
298 HS-504: Quantitative Tools for Research
299 HS-528: Technolog1 in Language Teaching & Learning
300 IM-5002: Thesis
301 IM-501: Suppl1 Chain Management
302 IM-503: Maintenance Management
303 IM-506: Business Process Re-engineering
304 IM-513: Six Sigma Methodologies
305 IM-515: Agile & Lean Manufacturing
306 IM-526: Facilities Planning and La1out
307 IM-552: Logistics Management
308 IM-554: Procurement Management
309 IM-557: Managing  Suppl1 Chain Inventor1
310 IM-559: International Trade
311 IM-563: Warehouse Management and Ph1sical Distribution Network
312 MC-5002: Thesis
313 MC-501: Electrical and Electronic for Mechanical Engineers
314 MC-502: Introduction to A.I & Computer Architecture
315 MC-503: Elements of Machine D1namics and Design
316 MC-504: Mechanics of Materials and Processes
317 MC-505: Thermo Fluidics
318 MC-511: Sensors and Actuators
319 MC-513: Control Theor1 & S1stems
320 MC-514: Kinematics & Rigid Bod1 D1namics
321 MC-515: Industrial Automation & Robotics
322 MC-523: Mechanical Design of Mechatronics S1stems
323 MC-537: Reliabilit1 Engineering
324 MC-539: Micro-& NAno-Electromechanical S1stem
325 MC-541: Digital Image Processing & Machine Vision
326 MC-546: Data Acquisition and Microcontroller
327 MC-547: Mechatronics S1stem Design
328 ME-5002: Thesis
329 ME-501: Engineering Design
330 ME-502: Advanced Stress Anal1sis
331 ME-503: Computer Aided Design
332 ME-504: Finite Element Anal1sis
333 ME-505: Mechanical Vibrations
334 ME-507: Power Plant Design
335 ME-521: Automation & Controls
336 ME-522: Computer Aided Manufacturing
337 ME-523: Operations Research
338 ME-524: Reliabilit1 & Qualit1 Engineering
339 ME-525: Advanced Manufacturing Processes
340 ME-527: Human Factor Engineering
341 ME-530: Maintenance Engineering
342 ME-541: Advanced Thermod1namics
343 ME-542: Energ1 Management
344 ME-544: Advanced Heat Transfer
345 ME-545: Renewable Energ1
346 ME-547: Advanced Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration
347 ME-548: Advanced Fluid Mechanics
348 ME-550: Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer
349 ME-551: Introduction to Computational Fluid D1namics
350 ME-555: Advanced Thermod1namics
351 ME-556: Renewable Energ1 S1stems
352 ME-557: Energ1 Economics, Polic1 and Assessment
353 ME-558: Energ1 Modelling and Forecasting
354 ME-559: Process and Energ1 Integration
355 ME-560: Energ1 Management and Conservation
356 ME-562: Photovoltaic S1stems
357 ME-563: Wind Energ1: Design and Integration
358 ME-564: Design of Wind Turbines
359 ME-574: Fluid D1namics
360 ME-585: Reliabilit1 and Asset Management
361 ME-586: Health Safet1 and Environment
362 ME-587: Building Services Engineering
363 MM-5002: Thesis
364 MM-501: Phase Transformation in Solids.
365 MM-502: Production of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials.
366 MM-503: Deformation Behaviour and Failure Anal1sis of Materials.
367 MM-504: Heat Treatment and Microstructure Evolution in Metals.
368 MM-505: Advanced Materials Characterisation Techniques.
369 MM-506: Practical/Laborator1/Industrial Visits with short reports
370 MM-531: Surface Engineering and Coating Techniques.
371 MM-532: Ceramic Engineering.
372 MM-534: Nanotechnolog1.
373 MM-539: Corrosion Engineering
374 MM-540: Modern Composite Materials
375 MT-500: Scientific Computing
376 MT-501: Differential Equations
377 MT-502: Linear Algebra
378 MT-504: Numerical Methods and Applications
379 MT-505: Operations Research and Optimisation
380 MT-511: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
381 MT-512: Advanced Discrete Mathematics
382 MT-513: Finite Element Anal1sis
383 MT-514: Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer
384 MT-515: Transforms and their Applications
385 MT-517: Computational Fluid D1namics
386 MT-519: Fuzz1 Logic and Neural Networks
387 MT-520: Graph Theor1
388 PH-400: Classical Mechanics
389 PH-501: Advanced Computation Ph1sics
390 PH-502: Advanced Quantum Mechanics
391 PH-503: Advanced Statistical Mechanics
392 PH-505: Advanced Experimental Methods in Ph1sics
393 PH-511: Magnetic Properties of Materials
394 PH-521: Optical Ph1sics and Lasers
395 PH-524: Nanotechnolog1
396 PH-525: Medical Radiation
397 PP-512: Advanced Pol1mer Processing
398 PP-513: Pol1mer Reactor Engineering
399 PP-514: Rheolog1 of Complex Fluids
400 PP-515: Pol1mer Structure-Propert1 Relationships
401 PP-525: Advanced Pol1mer Composites
402 PP-527: Pol1mer Adhesives and Coatings
403 PP-531: Pol1mer Characterization
404 PP-532: Pol1mer Degradation, Stabilit1 and Rec1ling
405 PP-533: Process Safet1 and Loss Prevention
406 SE-501: Advanced Requirements Engineering
407 SE-502: Advanced Software S1stems Architecture
408 SE-503: Software Testing and Qualit1 Assurance
409 SE-504: Software Measurement and Metrics
410 SE-508: Agile Software Development Methods
411 SE-510: Advanced Software Project Management
412 TC-5002: Thesis
413 TC-501: Probabilit1 and Random Processes
414 TC-503: Digital Communication Theor1
415 TC-504: Advanced Communication S1stem
416 TC-505: Telecommunications Network Operation
417 TC-506: Information S1stems
418 TC-507: Analog and Digital Communication
419 TC-508: Data Communication and Networks
420 TC-509: Telecommunication Policies and Regulation
421 TC-510: Telecommunication Management
422 TC-511: Communication Network
423 TC-512: Microwave S1stems
424 TC-513: Principles of Radar
425 TC-514: Mobile Telephone S1stem
426 TC-515: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
427 TC-516: Satellite Communication
428 TC-517: Communication Securit1
429 TC-521: RF Communication S1stem
430 TC-522: Data Securit1
431 TC-523: Wireless S1stem and Networks
432 TC-524: Optical Communication
433 TC-547: Optical Networks
434 TE-5002: Thesis
435 TE-505: Advanced Statistics
436 TE-516: Suppl1 Chain Design & Management
437 TE-553: Textile  Brand Managemental and Marketing
438 UE-5002: Thesis
439 UE-501: Urban Transportation Management
440 UE-502: Pavement Asset Management
441 UE-509: Transportation S1stems Asset Management
442 UE-510: Highwa1 Construction Project Management

Undergraduate projects
Following is the list of relevant Final Year Design Projects (FYDP) thesis carried out at undergraduate level in the University.

  • Design and simulate the electric drive train of a standard electric multi purpose vehicle
  • Design of Sunvisor's wire bending operation for industrial automation
  • Design and development of prototype of a linear induction motor
  • Design and development of a magnetically levitating body
  • Adjustable Arm Support
  • Design and Development of a Mobile Patient Transfer Lift
  • Design and Development of Postural Supports for Wheelchair
  • Comparative study of Novel Silicate and Borate Bioglass Hydrogels for Skin Tissue Regeneration.
  • Neuromodulation for Essential Tremors
  • Designing and Testing of Dynamic Podoscope for Kinematic Analysis of Gait
  • Integrating Construction Process Simulation in BIM
  • nD BIM Modelling for Infrastructure – A Case Study of Airport
  • Construction Risk Management Through BIM
  • Achieving Low-cost Building Construction via Material and Technology Innovation
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Business Model for BIM Services
  • Augmented Reality Information Modelling Integrated Construction Project Progress Monitoring
  • Development at Portable Domestic, Wastewater Treatment Plant for Recycling
  • Behaviour of RC Slabs Subjected to Impact Loadings
  • Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure
  • Design and Operational Feasibility Analysis of Red-line Bus Rapid Transit System Karachi
  • Behaviour of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Beams Subjected to Variable Loading
  • Structural Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Slabs
  • Design of Concrete Flexural Members Using Bamboo Reinforcement
  • Green Rooftops Using Hydroponics and Recycled Water
  • Design of Low-cost Residential Housing Units Using Lightly Reinforced Masonry
  • Structural Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Girders
  • Numerical Investigation of Pre-stressed Concrete Girders
  • Surveying and Mapping of Potential Clay Reserves in KPK Region
  • Behaviour of Beams Prepared with Recycled Aggregate Concrete Subjected to Torsion
  • To Study the Rutting Susceptibility of Flexible Pavement Using Recycled Concrete Aggregates
  • Numerical Investigation of Pre-stressed RC Slabs
  • Developing Decision Support System for Stormwater Management for an Urbanized Area
  • Behaviour of RC Beams Under High Mass Low Velocity Impact
  • Effect of Curing on the Strength of Geopolymer Concrete at Ambient Temperature
  • Mechanical Properties of Ultra-high Strength Concrete
  • Assessing the Suitability of HCM for Local Traffic
  • Development of Geodatic Control Point and Calibration of GNSS Data at NEDUET
  • Algorithmic trading Model
  • Portfolio optimization through time series analysis; its evaluation and comparison with mutual funds and stocks
  • Technical analysis of Pakistan Stock market
  • Sectoral analysis of volatility in oil prices and firms return, An empirical evidence from Pakistan
  • Adoption of E-banking services in Pakistan: An analysis in the light of Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT)
  • Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the MSCI classified Countries Stock Market
  • Expected Credit Loss Calculator
  • Export Potential of Small Scale Industries: Case Study of Karachi
  • Forecasting of Risk and Return of top trading Industries listed in PSX using Stochastic Models
  • Solvent De-Asphalting for 200,000 Barrels per day Refining based on DAS (UAE) Blend Crude
  • Energy, Exergy, Economic and Enviro-Economic (4Es) Analyses of CO2 Capture from Natural Gas
  • Using Hybrid Physical and Chemical Solvents - A Simulation Study and Intelligent Modeling.
  • Municipal Solid Waste Gasification with CO2 Capture via Process Simulation Approach-Karachi Based Study.
  • Secondary Condensate Recovery System Using Hydro-cyclones
  • Techno-economics Analysis of Mixed refrigerant-based Processes for the Production of LNG
  • To Simulate and Design a Control Technique for Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Processing Plant
  • Foam Assisted Lift (FAL) in Water-Loaded Gas Wells
  • Designing and Fabrication of Temperature Control Unit (ICU)
  • Commercial Scale Pilot Plant Fabrication for PCA Based Road Making
  • Evaluation of the Feasible Process Scheme for CO2 Capture from Acid Gas and its Successful Utilization in Industrial Processes Or its Environmental-Friendly Disposal in geological formation
  • A Blockchain Based Data Privacy Protection And Sharing For Electronic Medical Records
  • Traceability And Verifiability Of Vaccination Record Using Blockchain
  • Development of metaverse based workspace for remote collaboration
  • Handwritten text OCR for banking documents
  • Development of emotion detection framework using eeg signals
  • Recruitment web application for organization using natural language processing (nlp) techniques
  • Automated generation of data (designs and patterns) for textile industry using generative adversarial networks (GANS)
  • Secure wireless internet sharing application using smart routers
  • Computer vision assisted drive-thru web store with on-chain transactions
  • Design of a framework for analysis of EEG signals by using brain computer interface
  • Retailers product forecasting
  • Design and development of a web application for automating the process of reading electric meters
  • Preparation and characterizations of Dihydro pyrimidine based hetero cycles of bio-interest via coupling reactions.
  • Modification and characterizations of bio-interesting Dihydro pyrimidines of Biginelli type via coupling reaction
  • Synthesis, characterization and Applications of curcumin stabilized metallic nanoparticles.
  • Production of Highly Potential
  • Standardized Herbal Extract of
  • Adhatoda vasica
  • Low cost Fire Extinguishing System for Enhanced Industrial Safety.
  • Machine Learning Based Power Distribution System Reliability Improvement
  • Speed Control Optimization for Electric Vehicle based on PI Controller
  • Closed Electric Market Fabrication at NED University with Restructured Optimized
  • An effective machine learning diagnosis and fault prevention of induction motor
  • Design a Power Quality Monitering system (PQMS) based on standard EN50160
  • Modified ABC algorithm to optimally place UPFC controller for transmission efficiency enhancement
  • Phonetic Segment of speech using Deep learning
  • Fabrication and design of solar based air purifier for improving air quality index
  • Hybrid Power System
  • Electric Power Generation using wind turbine by applying the concept of Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) where constant power output is achieved in variable wind conditions
  • Designing & Analysis of a reliable, protected and efficient industrial Power system.
  • Modeling and Voltage Stability analysis of  hybrid  Microgrid in the Presence of Electric Vehicle Charging Station
  • Designing of Smart Power Protection System for Gaba Sons and Initiation of Battery Energy Storage System as an approach towards Energy Storage in Industry.
  • Design and Control of DC Microgrid ith integration of renewables and BESS
  • To Design a Network Communication Algorithm for Teleoperation Setup Over Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Design and Development of a Quadruped Robot  for Disaster Management
  • Design and implementation of 3-axis CNC machine for Electrical Panel Foaming at Accrescent Engineers (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Smart Design of 5-Axis CNC Machine for Industrial Applications
  • Design of Low Cost, Medical, Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Humanoid Robotic Arm
  • Design of a Gait Control Algorithm for Humanoid Robot
  • Design and analysis of improved oxygen percentage of low cost oxygen concentrator
  • Smart robot for social interaction in a commercial enterprise
  • Design of a gait control algorithm for a Quadruped Robot
  • Design of a Network Jitter regulator for advance Tele-robotic System
  • Design and development of CPAP/BiPAP respiratory assistive device
  • Artificial Intelligent based modeling for detection of FoG and monitoring in Parkinson's patients using neural networks.
  • Smart Monitoring And Fault Detection System For Power Transmission Lines Using Digital Sensor
  • Modelling, Analysis and Protection of Carbon free AC Microgrid
  • Designing and Simulations of Fixed and Variable Tilted Solar Panel
  • The Wireless Integrated Building Infrastructure Automation system
  • Optimal energy resource management for electric vehicle integrated power grid
  • Machine Learning based charge scheduling of electrical vehicle with minimum waiting time.
  • Fault Detection of Induction Motor Using Simulink and Machine Learning
  • Smart Headset for Epileptic Monitoring Device
  • Optimal planning of distributed generation and capacitors to improve the loadability of the grid.
  • Prospects for sustainable procurement practices – A case of Martin Dow
  • Relationship between Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance: An investigation on the economic benefits of retail businesses from consumer perspective
  • Research and marketing strategies for the relaunch of Chicky Meal
  • Analysing the supplier’s reliability and lead time of manufacturing firm
  • The impact of social media marketing on consumer behaviour
  • ABC classification of suppliers and materials – A case of Tri-Pack films
  • Sustainable supply chain practices in Textile sector: A case of Yunus Textile Mills
  • The possible wats of e-billing and its acceptability in customers – A case of SSGC
  • Prevalent determinants of customer satisfaction from the lens of online shopping – A study of apparel sector of Pakistan
  • Customer Return Rate In E-commerce Industry – A case of Scents n Secrets
  • Supply Chain Efficiency in Packaging Industry
  • Impact of green marketing on brands and consumer behaviour
  • End to end optimization of supply chain processes using CPFR industry 4.0
  • Scope and challenges in sustainable logistic practices in Aviation industry: A case study of SereneAir
  • Exploring the potential of online banking in Pakistan
  • Impact of logistic cost on inflation after Covid-19
  • Determinants of import demand and export supply function of Pakistan
  • Corporate finance decision making in uncertainty crisis
  • Ways to improve trading experience in Pakistan’s financial markets
  • Political economy of resource allocation and wealth distribution in real estate sector
  • Three dimensional vehicle trajectory estimation using IMU based sensing for self driving application
  • Voice Control Smart Car
  • Development of a precise 3D scanning system for industrial application
  • Design and development of multi-mission ground automobile (MGA) & AI based sign board interpretation.
  • Prediction of human walking trajectory using stochastic path planning model through UAV
  • Implementation of item management process and recognition of edible food in a fridge using computer vision and IoT
  • Object Detection from 3D Point Cloud Using Deep Learning
  • Automated Inspection of Defects in Industrial Applicatonof IIOT & AI
  • Artificial Intelligence based Virtual Assistant with Smart Screen and Automation System
  • Designing, Controlling and Navigation of an autonomous robot
  • FPGA implementation of RISC-V processor
  • Design and Development of Three-in-one E-Axle for Electric Vehicle
  • Development of  Stationay Laser Scanning System using 2D Hokuyo Laser Scanner
  • AI Assistive ROBOT with LIDAR Sensing Technology
  • Develepoment of Indoor mapping using low cost steroe camera
  • Smart Digital Speedometer and cruise control system for motor bikes
  • Quality Control Inspection with computer vision
  • IoT Based Energy Metering and Customer Monitoring System
  • Design and developement of digital instrument cluster for electric vehicle
  • Contactless measuring of temperature using joystick controlled 3 DOF robotic arm
  • Intelligent Cell balancing of universal BMS and monitoring it’s Real time SOH estimation to predict the battery life
  • Design & Develeopment of Haptically interfaced Robotic arm
  • 3 Phase BLDC Motor controller using FOC Algorithm
  • Home automation and Home security using AI
  • Building 3D Environmnetal preception user Lase and Vision info to assist driver
  • Identify the sustainable, economical option for Automation of FAT storage and transportation system without hampering product quality and process time.
  • study on applicatoin of edible coating from sugarcane waste on vegetable/fruit under control environment for quality assessment.
  • Extraction of bioactive compounds and its application in food product development.
  • Design and fabrication of UV treatment unit for shelf life extension of fruits (Apples & Oranges).
  • Fabrication and design optimization of solar energy food dryer.
  • Design and fabrication of solar based oven for improved quality of bread.
  • Encapsulation of food flavors and its application in food industry
  • Development of Model Smart Factory Based
  • on Industry 4.0 Requirements
  • Development of Smart Workstation 2.0
  • Reduction of Wastages in Stitching
  •  Department using Lean Principles
  • Productivity Enhancement and
  •  Lead Time Reduction
  • Simulation of automated assembly line of
  •  domestic gas meters using robots and
  • minimum labour.
  • To Analyze and Control Surface Defects of
  • Glazed Tiles before and after Gloss Firing.
  • Lead time reduction in processing
  • Manufacturing Waste Reduction in a Garments Industry
  • Productivity Improvement of Copper Tubing Line (Split-AC) by Lean Tools
  • Design and Implementation of Optimized Inventory Management System
  • Fabrication of Narrow Channel Medical Catheter Capable of Exhibiting Snake Like Motion for the Purpose of Ventriculostomy Procedure
  • Development and implementation of Quality Management System in SOORTY textile mills
  • Finite Element Simulation of Drilling Based on Third Wave Systems Advant-Edge or Deform 3D
  • Integrating Blockchain Technology with an Industrial Process
  • Foot Step Power Generation
  • Business Process Re-Engineering to Maximize Profit
  • SAP Data Analysis (Result & Optimization suggestions) & Implementation of Lean Six sigma.
  • Implementation of Supply Chain Principles in Textile Industry
  • Import Parts Receiving and Operation Design to track Stock Movement
  • Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in Assembly Line
  • Optimization of Accessories Stores Inventory through Lean Manufacturing
  • Warehouse & Material Handling Management
  • Application of Data Science in Industrial Engineering
  • Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in Denim Industry
  • To identify and improve bisque quality by reducing defects from production process
  • To improve the alignment and manage the warehousing system of the industry
  • Using Lean methodology to reduce wastage and increase efficiency
  • Rule Development and Process Standardization for Inventory Handling
  • Design of Hydraulic Work Platform capable of working on 70ft height with 1000kg weight.
  • Design of HVAC System for a multistory building with Solar PV System and BIM.
  • Design of a Multistage Flash Desalination Plant
  • To Design a Vertical Lift to carry 20 TPH of Oil Seeds.
  • Recycling of Scrap Tires to Oil and Carbon Black by Vacuum Pyrolysis
  • Reducing energy consumption of refrigerator compressor using nano particles
  • Fabrication and Installation of 1 KW Hydal River Turbine at Northern Areas of Pakistan
  • Water system designing and modification for manufacturing company
  • Synthesis and optimization of nano-coatings used in Energy Efficient Windows
  • Design and Fabrication of Thin Film Vibration Testing Machine.
  • Development of prototype of Renewable Air Conditioning unit
  • Design of a Vertical Wall Climber for above ground steel storage tanks.
  • Design of the Central Airconditioning System of a Multi Storied Pharmaceutical Building for Non-Aseptic Solid and Liquid products with GMP Compliance.
  • Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Air Flow characteristics in HVAC Duct with selection of diffusers and air balancing.
  • Design and Fabrication of 15 TR Induced Draft Cross Flow Cooling Tower
  • Synthesis and ElectroMechanical Characterizations of Zinc Oxide (ZnO)  Thin Films for Polymer Substratre
  • Non-Contact vision sensor for Low Frequency Vibration Measurement
  • Static and Dynamic Analysis of Electric Vehicle Chassis using Computer Simulations
  • Techno-economic analysis for the electrification of vehicles in Pakistan.
  • Design and Analysis of Crankshaft of Four Cylinder Petrol Engine.
  • Design an HVAC-AHU system and propose strategies to minimize energy usage of the systems
  • Design and Fabricate Cooling System for a Car parked under Sun.
  • Design and Fabrication of Gearless Power Transmission Using Elbow Mechanism
  • Investigation of melting and solidification processes of phase change materials (PCM) for solar thermal energy technologies.
  • Design and Development of Compact Equipment for the Grading of Material Composed of Dry Micro Size Particles.
  • Implementation of Six Sigma Methodology to reduce rework rate of G1.6 Domestic Gas Meter.
  • Geothermal Cooling Assessment in Karachi through model vapour compression water cooled A/C
  • Design and Analysis of a truck chassis frame using FEM
  • Thermal Energy Analysis of a Large Scale Industrial Process -  Hot Rolling Mill.
  • Computational analysis of flow fields around flanged diffusers
  • To design a mechanism that could extract energy from speed breakers.
  • Design and fabrication of a foldable sports bicycle with lightweight materials.
  • Design and Fabricate a Fire Fighting Robot - "PakRob"
  • CFD Analysis of Serrated Airfoil
  • Design of all weather rain proof hubless E-bike with Sunroof.
  • Heat Transfer and Air Conditioning analysis inside car cabin to maintain comfort conditions.
  • Development of a system for real time managing vehicle maintenance workshop
  • Surface Modification of Magnesium Alloys Through Advanced Coating Processing for Biomedical Applications.
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Structure Coating Materials for The Improvement of Wear and Tear Resistance of Piercing Plug for Manufacturing of Seamless Pipes.
  • Design and development of shear thickening fluid based fiber reinforced composite for impact resistance applications.
  • Design and development of efficient cathode for energy applications
  • Design and Development of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Smart Films
  • Development and Characterisation of Super-hydrophobic and Self-Healing coatings for engineering applications
  • Design And Development Of Automotive Body Using Recyclable Material And Fiber (Synthetic And Natural) Along With Nano Structures.
  • Design And Development Of corrosion resistant hydrophobic Zn/ZnO Composite Coatings on Steel Substrates.
  • Surface Modification of Magnesium Alloys Through Advanced Coating Processing for Biomedical Applications.
  • Design and Development of Composite Materials for Engineering Applications Trough Recyclable Materials
  • Development of MAX phases as precursors for catalysis in Battery applications.
  • Estimation of lifetime of thermally degraded instrument cable used in Power plant.
  • Characterisation and development of low and ultra-low cement high alumina castable by using a portion of recycled materials
  • Study on root cause analysis of crack observed during press forging in low alloyed steel ingots.
  • Utilization of Polyster Powder in Fly-Ash bricks.
  • Assessment and characterization of Electrical steels
  • To study the problem of adherence of moulding sand mass
  • on cast  surfaces of cast iron Sugar Mill Roller
  • (industry project - Karachi Shipyards and Engineering works)
  • Production and characterization of stainless steel
  • clad rebar. (industry project-Amreli Steels)
  • Effect of retrogression and re-aging heat treatment  of aluminum alloys on the impact and
  • corrosion properties.
  • To study the effect of reduction ratio on suppression of internal defects of continuously cast
  • products (industry project-Peoples Steel Mill)
  • Effect of chlorine-based environment on boiler tubes steel grades in waste to energy plant
  • High-Temperature study of diffusion aluminide coated martensitic stainless steel
  • To study the causes of a high percentage of rejection in  Foundry shop Karachi Shipyards and Engineering works ltd) (industry project - Karachi Shipyards and Engineering works)
  • Studying and enhancing the corrosion resistance of outer body panel of car.
  • Prevention of Mud Dephasing due to cement contamination during COC.
  • Effect of carbonates 〖(CO〗_3) and Bi- Carbonates 〖(HCO〗_3)  or clay shale swelling
  • Recovery Optimization in Gas Condensate Reservoirs
  • Sensitivity and Economic Analysis of In-Situ CO2 EOR in Unconventional Tight
  • Formulation of an Environment friendly hybrid Nano Drilling Fluid using Aloe-Vera gel and Nano ScaleSio2
  • Experimental investigation of the applicability of nanotechnology for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Synthesis and evaluation of an Environmental friendly acidizing fluid laced with activated carbon for Carbonate Rocks
  • Experimental study of Chemical Enhance Oil Recovery in Pakistan Oil Formations
  • Smart Blinds (Intensity Sensitive)
  • Lithium ion cells characterization and testing device
  • Synthesis of nickle ferrites by co perciptation method
  • Analysis of FSO communication using principles of quantum mechanics
  • Designing of ion exchange membrane module for caustic recovery from mercerization waste
  • Designing of smart hand gesture communicator by using micro controller
  • Synthesis of Tamoxifen-Loaded monolayer NLCs for breast cancer treatment.
  • Measurement of Gross Gamma activity and dose rate of soil samples for karachi beach
  • Structural and magnetic properties of  transition metals doped magnesium aluminum ferrites
  • Effect of Cocoa Nucifera on thermal and mechanical properties of High Density Polyethylene.
  • Development of Polynaphtalene Sulfonate concrete admixture.
  • Organic filler reinforced polymer
  • To synthesis nano – cellulose crystal and to investigate its effect on mechanical and thermal properties of NBR.
  • Effect of Modified bio filler for sustainable reinforcement polymer composite.
  • Development of third generation admixture with enhanced slump retention capabilities using super plasticizer.
  • A novel polymer modified concrete for coastal area construction.
  • Gasification of lignite coal with plastic waste blends for syn gas production using ASPEN PLUS
  • An AI-based Applicant Tracking Syestem For HR
  • Bit Bulletin-A News Summarize using NLP
  • Carsist
  • Game based on Blockchain with NFTs
  • Industrial Academia Coordination System
  • Development of an ERP DSS for Devops Project/Management with Data Analytics for Performance Tracking
  • Live Tailor
  • OBD Charm
  • Pukaar- Call a nearby car mechanic on the spot
  • Qualified -An employee upskilling platform
  • Rising Talent- An NFT Marketplace
  • SAP Integrated Service Request Portal
  • Smart Surveillance System
  • Smart Water Management using IOT devices
  • Try on the Go
  • Virtuell
  • Zakhu- real estate social media AI platform
  • My Health App
  • One Shop
  • Smart Contracts in Supply Chain Management Using IoT
  • Secure Embedded Distributed Ledger for Odometry using Block chain
  • Energy Efficient Appliance Automation through Heat Registry
  • Virtual Apparel Try-on for Web Stores using Machine Learning
  • Simon Cipher Cryptography
  • Traffic Load Balancing in Virtual Passive Optical Network
  • Autonomous Smart Bird Cage System
  • Airline Customer Model with Automated Message Alert
  • Chat Bots using Artificial Intelligence
  • High Performance textile based composite system for retrofitting application group members.
  • To investigate the effects of different chemical finishes on properties of cotton twill fabric
  • Development of reactive inks for Digital printing of cotton.
  • To estimate the sound transmitting properties of textile materials
  • Heat transfer analysis of functional composites
  • Fabric simulation by using CGI
  • Development and characterization of textile composite structures for sports
  • To analyze the effect of bleach washing on elastane in cotton fabric
  • To investigate the effect of fibrous materials on performance of asphalt mixtures
  • Manufacturing & Characterization of Bicycle Helmet
  • Hand-Gesture Controlled, Textile Actuator Glove for Rehabilitation Applications
  • Effect of Sportswear Fabric Parameters on its Functional Properties
  • Manufacturing & Characterization of braided composite
  • Comparative analysis of washed gaments subjected to different types of stones
  • Investigate The Effects Of Various Process Parameter On Dyeing And Printing Of Low Temperature Dyeing Polyester (Pbt) Knitted Fabric
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Operational Planning of Textile Production
  • Dyeing of cotton fabric with banana leaves with various mordanting techniques
  • Removal of Particulate Matter (PM) with Biomass-Based Air Filters
  • Softening of Lingo Cellulosic Fibers for Textile Application
  • An Enhanced Experimental Apporach on Custom Object Detection using Deep Learning
  • To Detect Suspicious Animal In Low-Level Light to avoid road accidents by using machine learning techniques
  • An Efficient Approach for License Plate Identification and Recognition in non-standard environment
  • Experimental Investigation of clayey soil using waste material
  • Proposal for the geometric design of flyover at Power house intersection Karachi using Autodesk Civil 3D.
  • Flexural behaviour of self healing concrete in ambient condition
  • Investigation of heat of hydration of calcined caly based concrete
  • Structural Behaviour of light weight aggregate column
  • Mechanical Properties of self healing concrete

Postgraduate Projects
Following is the list of relevant thesis carried out at postgraduate level in the University.

  • Cost Effective School Architecture –  Learning from the experiences of non-profit organizations working in education sector of Pakistan
  • Poverty reduction through rural infrastructure development: Case study of Kech district, Balochistan
  • Impact of Print Media in Urban Planning Decisions
  • Effectiveness of TDCS in Improving Sleep Cycle
  • Non-invasive acoustic stimulation for mental health
  • Evaluation of Chair-Mounted Passive Trunk Orthosis through Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensor
  • Kinetic Evaluation of Chair-Mounted Passive Trunk Orthosis (CMPTO)
  • Facile fabrication of Poly methyl methacrylate based substitute for hard tissue
  • Development of Connections for Low Rise Buildings
  • Constructed Using Precast Reinforced Concrete Elements
  • Development of Foamed Cementitioous Composite Blocks for Light Weight Infilled Walls
  • Mechanical Properties of Ultra High Strength Concrete
  • Reinforced Concrete Slabs Under Blast Loading
  • Optimization of Self-Healing PVA Fiber Reinforced
  • Concrete For Serviceability
  • Experimental Study on Continuous Concrete Beams Reinforced With BFRP Bars
  • Flexural Behaviour of BFRP Reinforced Concrete Slabs
  • Simulation study of steam gasification of waste bank notes for synthesis gas production.
  • Optimization of the dual mixed refrigerant process of natural gas liquefaction.
  • Heat exchanger fouling model and preventive maintenance scheduling tool using neural network.
  • Waste energy utilization during p-xylene oxidation to generate low/extra low pressure steam for power generation
  • Process Design and Simulation of Metal Nanoparticle Synthesis.
  • A Broad Simulation Model for the Production of H2-RICH Syngas Of Biomass via Air–Steam Gasification
  • A Novel Approach to Improve Question Answering System using NLP Techniques
  • A Secure Key Management Scheme in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UASN)
  • An Intelligent Fire Flame Detection and recognition model using Machine Learning Techniques.
  • Analysis of Mental Health Counseling Conversation Using Natural Language Processing
  • Analysis of Threats and Security of Endpoints in a Smart Home
  • Click Fraud Detection -Analysis and Modeling
  • Comparative Analysis of Real time database and Big data analytics frame work
  • Deep Fake Identification using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Detection of Alzheimer’s disease using Machine Learning
  • Development of investor’s sentiment index using NLP Techniques
  • Forensic Investigation of Microservices
  • Investigating Cyber Security Issues in Metaverse
  • Leveraging Data Science in sales: Optimizing Customer Segmentation through RFM and K-means
  • Modeling and Analysis of Click Fraud Detection
  • Network Intrusion detection through robust genetic ensemble learning algorithm
  • Plagiarism Detection In Urdu Documents
  • Prediction Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease In Apparently Healthy Attendants And Assessments of Its Severity
  • Prediction of Cyber-attacks using Dark Web
  • Predictive healthcare analysis through data mining
  • Product Recommendation System Using Deep Learning Approach
  • Trend forecasting using Data Analytics for a New E-commerce Business
  • QuadCopter object tracking based on ML-Vision Guidance & Fuzzy Logic& Neural Network based self-tuned PID
  • Block Chain Based Cloud Forensic Scheme
  • Investigating Challenges of Cloud Data Provenance in Blockchain
  • Customer Object Interaction
  • Investigating the SOC compliance issues by the Internet Service Providers
  • Anomaly Detection and Enterprise Security using UEBA (User Entity Behavior Analysis)
  • A Machine Learning Approach to Demand Forecasting in Retail
  • Sign Language interpretation using Computer Vision
  • Development of a Predictive Model for PET Resin Grading
  • Prediction of Applicants Performance in an Engineering University admission test using Data Mining Techniques
  • Driving Behaviour Analysis & Comparative Analysis of Vehicle Health
  • Multi-Document Summarizer: A large scale Summarization using Hierarchical Model
  • A Brief Analysis of Learners Sentiments on MOOC Forums using Natural Language Processing Techniques
  • Extraction of Lexical Chains from a given Long Text/Document with Efficient Cohesion Score
  • Imbalance Life of Software Engineers – A Major Risk of Project Delay and Solution Using Decision Tree
  • Distance Estimation using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Prediction Of Heart Disease Using Data Mining And Machine Learning
  • Exploring machine learning approaches to identify students attentiveness in classrooms
  • Forcasting Model For Multiple Sun Spots Locations
  • An Explicit approach to OCR of Urdu Nastaliq Text
  • Performance Analysis of  Cloud Computing Models
  • Cloud Computing review of recent advancements  and challenges related to cloud forensice
  • OCR for Handwritten Urdu text
  • Urdu Recognition using Machine learning
  • Study of Physical parameter of Inclusion Complex of Beta-Cyclodextrin and thiadiazine
  • Syntheses and Characterization of Inclusion Complex of  Thiadiazine  and  β-cyclodextrin
  • Liquid chromatographic method development and optimization for quantitative determination of molnupiravir in pharmaceutical formulation.
  • Development of Green Liquid Chromatographic Method for Finished Product Testing of
  • Drugs for Arthritis: Software Design for Greenness Evaluation Using Analytical Eco Scale Approach
  • Optimization and Validation of Liquid Chromatographic Method for Quantitative Determination of Baricinitib in Pharmaceutical Drug Substances.
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Quercetin Mediated Bimetallic Nano Sensors for Selective Recognition of Pharmaceuticals
  • Synthesis of Nano-Material Induced Ion Exchange Membrane For Specific Application of Recycling of Industrial Chemical Waste.
  • To reduce Technical Losses of K- Electric Distribution system using Network reconfiguration
  • Optimization of grounding system design based on IEEE Std. 80:2013 Using Machine Learning Models
  • Optimal Planning Of Multiple Wind Energy Based Distributedigeneration And Capacitors To Maximize The Loadability Of Distribution Network
  • Artifical intelligence approach for modelling the electrical characteristics of Schottky Diode (MSD)
  • DC motor speed control using extended Kalman fiter based on Fuzzy PID (IE)
  • Advanced Tele-Auscultation using a 4 DOF Roboticarm along with Haptic feedback (IE)
  • Development of Smart device for Bovine diseases detection (MSD)
  • Development of a Pose Estimation System Using Inertial Measurement Unit and Global Positioning System for Navigation of Ships (IE)
  • Installation and Data Analytics of Solar PV Based Microgrid Sther Mohalla, New Chhre, Thar (IE)
  • Cotton Crops Disease Detection using CNN Convolution Neural Network (IE)
  • The Prevalence of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) among Workers in the Automotive Industry.
  • The Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in Online Education during COVID-19 Pandemic in Pakistan.
  • Integrating Vsm And Waste Relationship Model In Order To Increase Productivity At An Organization.
  • Evaluation of critical factors/components for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in third-world countries.
  • Industry 4.0 based Maintenance Management System.
  • Block Chain Infrastructure for Supply Chain Management.
  • Development of a industry 4.0 based systems for quality control in a garment manufacturing.
  • Framework development to analyze the relationship of CSFs with the KPIs to measure the success of supply chain projects.
  • Impact of green washing on consumer buying decision and brand image
  • To Improve the Performance Indicators of CPEC Project By Analyzing the Success Factors of Logistics Network in Resilient Supply Chain.
  • To explore the awarness and sustainability of Lean Manufacturing Practices: Collective case study on Automotive Industries of Pakistan.
  • To design a digital transformation framework using Industry 4.0 technology to improve the productivity in the Pakistani garment manufacturing industry.
  • Analyze the Effect of Air Jet Assist Turbocharged 8.7 MW IslandedGenset with Stochastic Load Profile
  • Using Artificial Neural Network techniquue to determine the optimum tilt angle and orintation of Solar Collectors with terrain shading effect
  • Design of a low temperature rotary kiln suitable for the production of calcined clay
  • Nano-indentation and Nano-Scratching of Gold By Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Sumulation-aided approach in improving AIR flow and pressure drop inside an HVAC Duct of hospital building.
  • Exery Analiysis of Steam Power Plant
  • Fire Detection and Alert System using Network
  • Surveillance and Machine Vision
  • Investigation of Energy Management Practices in Steel Sector of Pakistan.
  • Analysis of Machining on Additively Fabricated
  • Specimens Through Welding
  • Automotive Paint Defect Detection using Image
  • Processing & Machine Vision
  • A General Approach for Stability Analysis of Elasto Plastic by Using Finite Difference Method
  • Thermal Investigation of Fractionalized MHD Walter-B Fluid: Application of ABC Fractional Derivative & Generalized Functions
  • Thermal Transport of Fractionalized Jaffery Fluid Using Prahabakar's Fractional Derivative: Hybrid Generalized Functions Approach
  • Cost Optimization for Transportation Using Linear Programming
  • Time & Cost management of a construction of a building by analyzing through cpm crashing
  • Study of Heat and Mass Transfer of MHD Burger Fluid in Porous Medium: Exact Analytical Results & Numerical Simulation
  • Analytical Solution for Blood Alcohol Model by Using Homotopy Perturbation Method and Fractional Derivatives
  • Comparative Study of Local and Non-Local Kernels on Heat and Mass Transferof Mixed Convection Flow of the Oldroyed-B Fluids
  • Study On Electrical Steels Using Pattern Recognition by Applying Linear Algebra Techniques
  • An effective implementation of Chorin’s Projection Method for the solution of Navier-Stokes Equations
  • Facile Synthesis of Titania & Zinc oxide nanostructures for energy & Environmental application
  • Investigating low cost tissue compensators for radiation therapy.
  • Effect of Moringa Oleifera Leaves on Thermal and Mechanical Properties of
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • IOT Assisted Ad-hoc Network using Software defined Radios
  • Energy efficient cyclic sleep and DBA framework in Virtual PON
  • Application of Smart Phone Sensors in Mini Satellites
  • Development of flexible hand exoskeleton system based on seamless actuators for dical applications
  • Analysis And Optimization Of Thermal Performance Of Electrically Heated Textiles

Externally Funded Research Projects
Following is the list of relevant research projects funded by external agencies, which are currently being carried out in the University.

  • Investigation & Evaluation of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) Bars in Civil Infrastructure Applications in Pakistan.
  • Development of thermal block as sustainable and energy efficient material
  • Toyota Road Improvement Project
  • Development of sustainable building material for restoration and conservation
  • Environmentally friendly Multiferroic Ceramics for Electronic Applications by cold sintering method
  • Green Energy Source and Environmentally friendly lead-oxide free piezoelectric ceramics for energy harvesting devices
  • High Energy Density Lead Free Ceramic Capacitors for Power Pulsed Applications at High Temperatures
  • NB-IoT ProSe: Proximity Services enabled NB-IoT for Reliable and Critical Communication in Low- Powered Applications
  • Optimization of Tooling and Machining Parameters for Enhanced Quality of Holes in Composite Laminates
  • Development of Additively Manufactured Low-cost Moulds for the Manufacturing of FRP Products
  • Framework Development and Risk analysis of logistics network in Pakistan to make supply chains network resilient in the wake of Pandemic Crisis
  • Bench-Scale Demonstration of an Integrated Waste-to-Energy Process for Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Step Toward Sustainable circular economy”
  • “Investigation of the Distortion and Surface Integrity of Aluminum Aerospace Grade Alloys during High Speed CNC Milling Machining Operations
  • Microwave Assisted Synthesis, Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Flavonoid Capped Bimetallic Nanoparticles as Colorimetric Nano Sensors for Pharmaceutical Applications
  • National Center for Cyber Security
  • Solar powered atmospheric plasma system for treatment of contaminated wastewater
  • Cost Effective Synthesis of Tetraethylene Glycol Dimethly Ether (TEGDME) for Development of Highly efficient Energy Storage Device
  • Technology Enabled Performance Monitoring and Virtual Digitization of CPEC Infrastructure for Sustainable Maintenance Decision-Making
  • Development of Thermal Block as Sustainable and Energy Efficient Construction Material
  • NCAI Smart City Lab
  • Extension of “Exascale Open Lab” won as a part of national center of “Data Analytics and Cloud Computing”
  • Mobility for bilateral stakeholder mapping for creating IoT networks for Climate Change
  • Prototype development of high dimensional quantum key distribution system for a highly secure free-space communication system
  • Establishment of National Centre of Robotic and Automation (DF-1009-31)
  • Design and Development of Universal Smart Robotic Manipulation System for Packaging Industry
  • ES2: Energy smart switch
  • Designing of a Versatile Prototype based on the application of Ion Exchange Membranes, for Efficient and Cost Effective Recycling of Industrial waste.
  • Smart IOT enabled ground Bird Farming
  • Design and development of efficient energy storage solution
  • English for Workforce Development in Pakistan (Award SPK33018CA0037 FHI 360 Project No. 102479.001.002.025)
  • Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of Ti6Al4V in order to develop Bioglass r-based composite Layer for Biomedical Application.
  • Indigenous Development of Magnetometers for Geomagnetic Field Monitoring
  • CONSOLE: Machine vision based industrial Inspection system for quality assurance
  • Artificial intelligence as a pathway to reduce industrial Downtime cost through hybrid predictive maintenance (ADVICE)
  • A-Eye Diagnostics
  • Development Project of IoT Circuit for Electrical BLDC fans, dashboard and mobile app
  • EV System Development
  • Hi-STEM FabLab
  • De-burdening healthcare support via a fully automated point-of-care screening process for diabetic retinopathy
  • Xcelerium
  • Development of novel mechanisms for the advanced plasma spray coating deposition based on in-situ oxide cleaning through creating a high-temperature droplet
  • Study on the Generation Mechanism of Oxide-Free High-Temperature Metal Droplets during the Atmospheric Plasma Spraying by Numerical Modeling
  • Pak France Peridot Research Project
  • Pakistan Energy Outlook
  • Energy Finance Outlook
  • Neurofeedback: A technology enabled system to improve brain performance of healthy individuals
  • Solar Testing
  • Bioactive and Antibacterial Microarc Oxidation Layer on Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys for Biomedical Implants
  • Performance optimization of energy storage using Phase change materials
  • Small scale solar based vapour absorption cycle system
  • Dynamic Analysis of Nanostructured Thin Films for Smart Energy
  • Production Characterization and Surface Modification of Dental Implants
  • Indigenous development of high-performance textiles based composite structural reinforcement system for Civil Infrastructure.
  • EV Development
  • Development of Cost-Effective Structural Concrete Formulation using Limestone Calcined Clay-Based LC3 Cement Blend with Domestic Resources and its Application in a Pilot Project
  • Impact Behaviour of Ultra High Strength Concrete RC Structural Members
  • Development of Reactive Inks for Digital Printing
  • Recycling of Polymeric Materials; plastics and elastomers
  • Production of Highly Valuable sugarcane wax a way forward to sugarcane by product based industry
  • Fabric based soft actuators for wearable applications
  • Development of Smart Shirt for Ambulatory Monitoring of Human Body Vital signs
  • Batch Extraction and characterization of sugarcane wax from sugar industry surplus: Application as an edible coating
  • Enhancement  of global competitiveness of Pakistani textile export value-chains by capacity building and product diversification (KnowTex)
  • Uderolal Preidot Research Project
  • Neurocomputation Lab, National Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Beyond the routine CBC: hematology analyzer generated morphometric parameters driven artificial intelligence techniques for diagnosis of common anemia and their potential role in elective blood bank practices.

Events and Curricular Activities
A number of relevant activities are being carried out from time to time in the University, both by the departmental administrations and the students. Some significant activities are as follows.

  • Mega Project Exhibition & Robotics Competition (MPERC’22
  • NED Book Fair
  • Tech-Talk Technology Workshop
  • TECH FEST 5.0
  • Slabex
  • Consaviour competition
  • First National Workshop on LC3 Cement
  • IGNITION 2022
  • Propelliar 2022
  • Ashar Khan from IMechE NED Chapter participated in SOFE Nationals 2022 and presented on "Graphene, the game-changing material of the future."
  • Industrial visit to Dow Simulation Lab
  • SOFE 2023 ME&A Region
  • Visit to Pakistan Cables
  • Visit to Alson Pvt Limited
  • Visit to KTDMC
  • Ignite 7.0
  • Participation in the ASME EFx 2023
  • RC Car Workshop
  • CAD Competition
  • Engineering Carnival
  • PLC wiring workshop
  • Upcoming visit to K-Electric facilities and plant
  • The Mendix Workshop
  • IEEE's Envision'22 event
  • The Data Integration Bootcamp
  • Robotrix
  • AI Club ki Baithak II
  • AI Fest 4.0
  • ARC-Bringing Down Resistance
  • Infinito
  • Industrial Visit to Archroma
  • Industrial Visit to Tri-Pack Films Ltd
  • Seminars held on various topics including:
    • Effective Interviews
    • Importance of Software Skills in Chemical Engineering
    • Interpersonal Skills Seminar
    • Occupational Health and Safety Seminar
    • Safe transportation of Hydrogen
    • Use of accelerating rate calorimeter
  • 8th International Electrical Engineering Conference (IEEC 2023)
  • 12th International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC 2023)
  • International Building Energy Efficiency Symposium (iBEES)
  • 2nd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, (INTERACT-2023)
  • 2nd International Industrial Chemistry Conference
  • 2nd International Conference on CPEC: Joining hands for Sustainable Development (ICCJSD)
  • 3rd International Conference on Innovations in Computer Science & Software Engineering (ICONICS-2022)
  • International Conference on Sustainable Engineering & Development (ICSED-2022)
  • 1st International Biomedical & Digital Health Conference
  • 5th NED International Textile Conference 2022