NED University while realizing its role of contributing towards the society – in addition to imparting quality education along with inculcating high ethics to the students – has continued its activities of previous years. More activities were also initiated this year under the domain of USR

  • The two water filtering Units with the capacity of 10,000 gallons per day and 5,000 gallons per day respectively are continuously providing safe and filtered water to the students, employees and the residents of University Staff Colony.
  • Wastewater treatment plant at NED University is being fully utilized for the treatment of complete wastewater produced within the University and its colony with its effluent being used for watering the greens paces of the University.
  • Additionally, the University recycles the NED mosque’s ablution water for the green areas around the mosque. The University plans to expand this facility in future to augment for the increase in water requirements owing to growing green spaces.

Activity Summary Graph

The following graph depicts the course offerings and other recent activities carried out at NED University of Engineering and Technology both at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG), relevant to the requirements of sustainable development goal 12. A brief description of the same follows.  

Undergraduate Courses

Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different undergraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus, available at

1 AR-431: Environmental Design and Systems-III
2 AR-451: Construction and Materials-V
3 AR-473: Studies in Critical Regionalism
4 AR-503: Architectural Design Project
5 AR-522: Comprehensive Environmental Design
6 AR-552: Construction and Materials-VI
7 AR-561: Professional Practice
8 AU-201: Automotive Power Plants
9 AU-212: Computer Programming and Applications
10 AU-225: Fundamentals of Analogue and Digital Electronics
11 AU-241: Automotive Propulsion
12 AU-311: Manufacturing Engineering II
13 AU-313: Combustion, Emission and Pollution
14 AU-314: Vehicle Dynamics
15 AU-431: Vehicle Thermal Management
16 AU-433: Automotive Health Safety and Environment
17 AU-441: Product Development and Operations Management
18 AU-442: FEM and FVM: Applications in Automotive Engineering
19 AU-444: Hybrid Vehicles & Drives
20 AU-499: Automotive Engineering Project
21 DS-307: Agricultural Development
22 DS-309: Linear Programming
23 DS-406: Environmental Issues in Development
24 DS-408: Sustainability in Development
25 DS-421: Corporate Social Responsibility and Applications in Development
26 EC-308: Business Research Methods
27 EC-309: Financial Management
28 EC-407: Industrial Economics
29 FD-304: Food Microbiology
30 FD-402: Food Quality Control
31 FD-407: Food Packaging
32 FD-408: Food Regulations and Legislation
33 FD-430: Food Engineering Project
34 IM-203: Manufacturing Processes
35 IM-208: Materials Engineering
36 IM-209: Mechanics of Materials
37 IM-211: Machine Design
38 IM-212: Computer Aided Engineering Design
39 IM-213: Metrology and Quality Control
40 IM-303: Production Management
41 IM-307: Advance Manufacturing Processes
42 IM-310: Tool Design
43 IM-402: Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
44 IM-405: Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
45 IM-408: Automation & Robotics
46 IM-409: Manufacturing Engineering Project
47 IM-411: Methods Engineering
48 IM-413: Plant Engineering
49 IM-416: Management Information System
50 IM-417: Health, Safety & Environment
51 IM-419: Project Management
52 ME-202: Solid Mechanics - I
53 ME-218: Solid Mechanics-I
54 ME-222: Dynamics
55 ME-224: Internal Combustion Engines
56 ME-322: IC Engine and Power Plant Lab
57 ME-419: Stress Analysis
58 ME-420: Operations Management
59 ME-425: Finite Element Analysis
60 MG-311: Product & Brand Management
61 MG-313: Business Ethic & Corporate Social Responsibility
62 MG-316: Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Management
63 MG-451: Green Supply Chain Management
64 MG-460: Marketing Strategy
65 MG-462: Introduction to Advertising
66 MG-463: Corporation & Consumer Behaviour
67 MG-464: Personal Selling and Public Relation
68 MG-465: Trade and Consumer Promotions
69 MG-466: Advertising Management
70 MG-499: Final Year Project
71 MY-208: Mineral Processing
72 MY-407: Design, Selection and Characterisation of Engineering Materials
73 TE-111: Textile Chemistry
74 TE-113: Introduction to Textile Engineering
75 TE-205: Pre-treatment of Textile
76 TE-206: Fluid Mechanics for Textiles
77 TE-207: Machine Design
78 TE-208: Material Science
79 TE-211: Textile Yarn Manufacturing Processes
80 TE-224: Polymer & Fibre Science
81 TE-234: Polymer & Fibre Science
82 TE-305: Quality Control In Textiles
83 TE-307: Utilities for Textile Industry
84 TE-312: Textile Fabric Manufacturing Processes
85 TE-313: Textile Product Evaluation-I
86 TE-318: Textile & Environment
87 TE-319: Heat & Mass Transfer
88 TE-326: Textile Dyeing
89 TE-406: Textile Production Management
90 TE-408: Textile Engineering Design Project
91 TE-413: Textile Product Evaluation-II
92 TE-424: Textile Printing
93 TE-451: Automation & Control in Textile
94 TE-452: Textile Finishing
95 TE-453: Garment Manufacturing
96 TE-454: Textile Merchandizing
97 TE-454: Textile Merchandizing & Management
98 TE-455: Advanced Garment Manufacturing
99 TE-461: Advanced Yarn Manufacturing Mechanism
100 TE-462: Advanced Fabric Manufacturing Mechanism
101 TS-102: Textile Raw Materials-I
102 TS-108: Textile Raw Materials-II
103 TS-109: Introduction to Textiles
104 TS-119: Introduction to Textiles
105 TS-205: Pre-Spinning Processes
106 TS-206: Yarn Production Processes
107 TS-207: High Performance Fibres
108 TS-208: Weaving Preparatory Processes
109 TS-209: Colour Science

Postgraduate Courses

Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different postgraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Postgraduate Prospectus, available at

1 AR-603: Studies in Architectural Research
2 AR-604: Architectural Theor1
3 AR-608: Green Architecture: Concepts and Applications
4 AR-613: Landuse Planning and Anal1sis
5 AR-617: Advanced Studies in Urban Design
6 AR-635: Case Studies in Architectural Conservation and Restoration in Developing Countries
7 AR-648: Architecture and the City
8 AR-698: Thesis
9 BM-5002: Thesis
10 BM-543: Mechatronics S1stem Design
11 BM-553: Advanced Biomaterials
12 BM-555: Advanced Biomechanics
13 BM-565: Research Methodolog1
14 CE-5002: Thesis
15 CE-5016: Fundamentals of Environmental Laws for Construction Industr1
16 CE-5017: Construction Specifications writing and Documentation
17 CE-5021: International Perspectives of Construction Law
18 CE-5024: Tort in Engineering
19 CE-503: Advanced Reinforced Concrete
20 CE-505: Prestressed Concrete Design
21 CE-506: Finite Element Method
22 CE-518: Mathematical Methods for Engineers
23 CE-519: Advanced Cementitious Materials
24 CE-536: Soil Stabilisation
25 CE-589: Suppl1 Chain Management in Construction Industr1
26 CE-595: Tech Entrepr and The Mang. & Mark. of Const. Serv
27 CE-596: Public Infrastructure Management
28 CH-498: Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering
29 CH-5002: Thesis
30 CH-501: Chemical Thermod1namics - III
31 CH-502: Advanced Reaction Engineering
32 CH-503: Transport Phenomena
33 CH-504: Advanced Process Control
34 CH-506: Applied Chemical Thermod1namics
35 CH-507: Thermal Process Engineering
36 CH-508: Process Design Simulation
37 CH-509: Reactor Design and kinetics
38 CH-511: Pol1mer Processing
39 CH-513: Advanced Composite Materials
40 CH-514: Petroleum Refining Engineering
41 CH-515: Computational Fluid D1namics
42 CH-520: Advanced Heat Transfer
43 CH-521: Process D1namics and Control
44 CH-522: Advanced Refining and Gas Engineering
45 CH-523: Process Safet1 Management
46 CS-568: Decision Support S1stems
47 CT-512: Principles of Marketing
48 C1-402: Ph1sical Chemistr1
49 C1-403: Instrumental Methods and Techniques
50 C1-415: Mathematics and Statistics
51 C1-500: Qualit1 Assurance and Automated Anal1tical Methods
52 C1-5002: Thesis
53 C1-501: Unit Operations
54 C1-502: Advanced Chemical Kinetics
55 C1-503: Chemical Thermod1namics
56 C1-504: Industrial Chemical Anal1sis
57 C1-505: Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques
58 C1-506: Electroanal1tical Techniques
59 C1-507: Advanced Chromatographic Techniques
60 C1-511: Research Methodolog1
61 C1-512: Drug and Heteroc1clic Chemistr1
62 C1-513: Organic S1nthesis
63 C1-517: Corrosin Chemistr1
64 C1-522: Water Treatment
65 C1-523: Nano Chemistr1
66 C1-524: Laborator1 Qualit1 Assurance
67 EE-5002: Thesis
68 EL-402: Introduction to Mechatronics
69 EL-403: Introduction to Power Electronics
70 EL-501: Solid State Materials and Devices
71 EL-502: Analog Integrated Circuits
72 EL-503: Advanced Digital Electronics & Interfacing Techniques
73 EL-504: Electronics Design Automation
74 EL-507: Fuzz1 Logic and Intelligent Electronics Control S1stems
75 EL-511: Digital VLSI Design
76 EL-512: Analog VLSI Design
77 EL-514: Light wave Engineering
78 EL-521: Measurement & Calibration of Electronic S1stems
79 EL-523: Industrial Control S1stems
80 EL-524: Advanced Power Electronics
81 EL-525: Sensors and S1stems
82 EL-526: Robotics and its Application of Industrial Electronics
83 EM-504: Project Management Framework and Tools
84 EM-505: Operations Research
85 EM-511: Total Qualit1 Management
86 EM-512: Project Evaluation and Feasibilit1 Anal1sis
87 EN-502: Environmental Applied Science
88 EN-508: Environment Impact Assessment
89 EN-510: Process D1namics in Environmental S1stem
90 EN-511: Environmental Management
91 EN-513: Industrial Waste Treatment and Disposal
92 EN-514: Water Resources Management
93 EN-515: Air Pollution and Control
94 EN-518: Sustainable Development & Appropriate Technolog1
95 EN-520: Marine Pollution and Control
96 EN-521: Special Topics in Environmental Engineering
97 EN-523: Anal1sis of Environmental Contaminants
98 EN-524: Wastewater Engineering
99 EN-525: Ph1sico Chemical Processes
100 EN-526: Solid Waste Management
101 EN-527: Environmental Health and Sanitation
102 EN-531: Environmental Qualit1 Management
103 EN-537: Water Qualit1 Management
104 EN-540: Health, Safet1 & Environmental Management
105 EN-541: Remote Sensing in Environmental Management
106 EN-542: Sustainable Waste Management
107 IM-5002: Thesis
108 IM-501: Suppl1 Chain Management
109 IM-503: Maintenance Management
110 IM-506: Business Process Re-engineering
111 IM-513: Six Sigma Methodologies
112 IM-515: Agile & Lean Manufacturing
113 IM-526: Facilities Planning and La1out
114 IM-552: Logistics Management
115 IM-554: Procurement Management
116 IM-557: Managing  Suppl1 Chain Inventor1
117 IM-559: International Trade
118 IM-563: Warehouse Management and Ph1sical Distribution Network
119 MC-5002: Thesis
120 MC-503: Elements of Machine D1namics and Design
121 MC-504: Mechanics of Materials and Processes
122 MC-505: Thermo Fluidics
123 MC-511: Sensors and Actuators
124 MC-513: Control Theor1 & S1stems
125 MC-514: Kinematics & Rigid Bod1 D1namics
126 MC-515: Industrial Automation & Robotics
127 MC-523: Mechanical Design of Mechatronics S1stems
128 MC-537: Reliabilit1 Engineering
129 MC-539: Micro-& NAno-Electromechanical S1stem
130 MC-541: Digital Image Processing & Machine Vision
131 MC-546: Data Acquisition and Microcontroller
132 MC-547: Mechatronics S1stem Design
133 ME-5002: Thesis
134 ME-501: Engineering Design
135 ME-502: Advanced Stress Anal1sis
136 ME-503: Computer Aided Design
137 ME-504: Finite Element Anal1sis
138 ME-505: Mechanical Vibrations
139 ME-507: Power Plant Design
140 ME-521: Automation & Controls
141 ME-522: Computer Aided Manufacturing
142 ME-523: Operations Research
143 ME-524: Reliabilit1 & Qualit1 Engineering
144 ME-525: Advanced Manufacturing Processes
145 ME-527: Human Factor Engineering
146 ME-530: Maintenance Engineering
147 ME-541: Advanced Thermod1namics
148 ME-542: Energ1 Management
149 ME-544: Advanced Heat Transfer
150 ME-547: Advanced Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration
151 ME-548: Advanced Fluid Mechanics
152 ME-550: Numerical Methods in Heat Transfer
153 ME-551: Introduction to Computational Fluid D1namics
154 ME-555: Advanced Thermod1namics
155 ME-574: Fluid D1namics
156 ME-585: Reliabilit1 and Asset Management
157 ME-587: Building Services Engineering
158 MT-5002: Thesis
159 PH-400: Classical Mechanics
160 PH-401: Electromagnetic Fields-I
161 PH-406: Modern Ph1sics - I
162 PH-407: Modern Ph1sics - II
163 PH-500: Mathematical Ph1sics
164 PH-5002: Thesis
165 PH-504: Electromagnetic Fields-II
166 PP-5002: Thesis
167 PP-512: Advanced Pol1mer Processing
168 PP-513: Pol1mer Reactor Engineering
169 PP-514: Rheolog1 of Complex Fluids
170 PP-515: Pol1mer Structure-Propert1 Relationships
171 PP-525: Advanced Pol1mer Composites
172 PP-527: Pol1mer Adhesives and Coatings
173 PP-531: Pol1mer Characterization
174 PP-532: Pol1mer Degradation, Stabilit1 and Rec1ling
175 PP-533: Process Safet1 and Loss Prevention
176 SE-501: Advanced Requirements Engineering
177 SE-504: Software Measurement and Metrics
178 SE-510: Advanced Software Project Management
179 TE-553: Textile  Brand Managemental and Marketing

Undergraduate projects

Following is the list of relevant Final Year Design Projects (FYDP) thesis carried out at undergraduate level in the University.

  • Integrating Construction Process Simulation in BIM
  • nD BIM Modelling for Infrastructure – A Case Study of Airport
  • Development at Portable Domestic, Wastewater Treatment Plant for Recycling
  • Analyzing Energy Consumption of Drinking Water Treatment Operation  
  • Behaviour of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Beams Subjected to Variable Loading
  • Design of Concrete Flexural Members Using Bamboo Reinforcement
  • Green Rooftops Using Hydroponics and Recycled Water
  • Design of Low-cost Residential Housing Units Using Lightly Reinforced Masonry
  • Surveying and Mapping of Potential Clay Reserves in KPK Region
  • Behaviour of Beams Prepared with Recycled Aggregate Concrete Subjected to Torsion
  • To Study the Rutting Susceptibility of Flexible Pavement Using Recycled Concrete Aggregates
  • Effect of Curing on the Strength of Geopolymer Concrete at Ambient Temperature
  • Heat Exchanger Fouling Model and Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Tool
  • Solvent De-Asphalting for 200,000 Barrels per day Refining based on DAS (UAE) Blend Crude
  • To Simulate and Design a Control Technique for Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Processing Plant
  • To Study the Effect of Baffle Configuration on The Thermal and Hydraulic Performance of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Preparation of the Toothpaste from Natural Sources
  • Synthesis and Application of Bio-Mediated Nano-Particales as Plant Modifiers
  • Development of a blockchain-based car-pooling mobile application
  • Developing a car-pooling application focusing automated authenticity of users
  • Secure wireless internet sharing application using smart routers
  • Design and development of a web application for automating the process of reading electric meters
  • Robustness testing for simultaneous determination of Amlodipine besalyte, Perindopril and Atorvastatin calcium drugs.
  • Production, partial Purification and characterization of protease by Aspergillus Niger.
  • Production, partial Purification and characterization of amylase by Aspergillus Niger.
  • Production, partial Purification and characterization of invertase by Aspergillus Niger.
  • Integration of Hybrid Super Capacitors and Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery in Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Formulating variuos Neural Network Models for Phtovolataic fault detection and their performance bcomaprision
  • Optimal design of primary and secomdry network
  • Design and implementation of 3-axis CNC machine for Electrical Panel Foaming at Accrescent Engineers (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Smart Design of 5-Axis CNC Machine for Industrial Applications
  • Design of Low Cost, Medical, Portable Oxygen Concentrator
  • Humanoid Robotic Arm
  • Design and analysis of improved oxygen percentage of low cost oxygen concentrator
  • Design of a gait control algorithm for a Quadruped Robot
  • Design and development of CPAP/BiPAP respiratory assistive device
  • Relationship between Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance: An investigation on the economic benefits of retail businesses from consumer perspective
  • Analysing the supplier’s reliability and lead time of manufacturing firm
  • The possible wats of e-billing and its acceptability in customers – A case of SSGC
  • End to end optimization of supply chain processes using CPFR industry 4.0
  • Impact of digital finance on household consumption
  • study on applicatoin of edible coating from sugarcane waste on vegetable/fruit under control environment for quality assessment.
  • Fabrication and design optimization of solar energy food dryer.
  • Design and fabrication of detoxification device for aflatoxin in red chilies using UV radiation.
  • Reduction of Wastages in Stitching  Department using Lean Principles
  • Productivity Enhancement and  Lead Time Reduction
  • Lead time reduction in processing
  • Manufacturing Waste Reduction in a Garments Industry
  • Productivity Improvement of Copper Tubing Line (Split-AC) by Lean Tools
  • Design and Implementation of Optimized Inventory Management System
  • Development and implementation of Quality Management System in SOORTY textile mills
  • Implementation of Supply Chain Principles in Textile Industry
  • Import Parts Receiving and Operation Design to track Stock Movement
  • Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in Assembly Line
  • Optimization of Accessories Stores Inventory through Lean Manufacturing
  • Warehouse & Material Handling Management
  • Implementation of Lean Manufacturing in Denim Industry
  • To identify and improve bisque quality by reducing defects from production process
  • To improve the alignment and manage the warehousing system of the industry
  • Using Lean methodology to reduce wastage and increase efficiency
  • Rule Development and Process Standardization for Inventory Handling
  • To study and design the system to conserve the utility consumption (natural gas) of the Grid Casting Shop of Atlas Battery Limited supported by Heat Transfer calculations and simulations.
  • Production and Development of Solar Module using Pervoskite Material
  • To Design a Vertical Lift to carry 20 TPH of Oil Seeds.
  • Design and Fabrication of a Small scale Garbage Energy Generator.
  • Synthesis and optimization of mechanical behavior of polymeric composite material strengthened using nanoparticles
  • Geothermal Cooling Assessment in Karachi through model vapour compression water cooled A/C
  • Perform an energy audit of the main auditorium of NEDUET.
  • Design and development of shear thickening fluid based fiber reinforced composite for impact resistance applications.
  • Design and Development of Composite Materials for Engineering Applications Trough Recyclable Materials
  • Characterisation and development of low and ultra-low cement high alumina castable by using a portion of recycled materials
  • Study on root-cause analysis of crack observed during press forging in low alloyed steel ingots.
  • Enhancement of thermal stability as well as antibacterial properties in the edible packaging films.
  • Effect of chlorine-based environment on boiler tubes steel grades in waste to energy plant
  • High-Temperature study of diffusion aluminide coated martensitic stainless steel
  • Studying and enhancing the corrosion resistance of outer body panel of car.
  • Prevention of Mud Dephasing due to cement contamination during COC.
  • Effect of carbonates 〖(CO〗_3) and Bi- Carbonates 〖(HCO〗_3)  or clay shale swelling
  • Efficient Solar Power System in House Hold Application
  • Smart Blinds (Intensity Sensitive)
  • Effect of Cocoa Nucifera on thermal and mechanical properties of High Density Polyethylene.
  • Development of Polynaphtalene Sulfonate concrete admixture.
  • Recycling of HDPE and re use in FMCG.
  • Organic filler reinforced polymer
  • Effect of Modified bio filler for sustainable reinforcement polymer composite.
  • Development of third generation admixture with enhanced slump retention capabilities using super plasticizer.
  • Gasification of lignite coal with plastic waste blends for syn gas production using ASPEN PLUS
  • Bit Bulletin-A News Summarize using NLP
  • Meal Proof- A Blockchain based Application for tracing Food Industry Supply Chain
  • Smart Water Management using IOT devices
  • Energy Efficient Appliance Automation through Heat Registry
  • Non-Destructive Classification of Woven Fabric using Machine Learning
  • High Performance textile based composite system for retrofitting application group members.
  • Hybrid composites based on woven fiberglass and bagasse fiber reinforcement
  • To investigate the effects of different chemical finishes on properties of cotton twill fabric
  • Optimization of Effluent treatment plant
  • Development of reactive inks for Digital printing of cotton.
  • Fabric simulation by using CGI
  • To analyze the effect of bleach washing on elastane in cotton fabric
  • To investigate the effect of fibrous materials on performance of asphalt mixtures
  • Investigation and optimization of process parameters of self-cleaning denim fabric using metal oxide nano particles
  • To Investigate the seam performance of laundered garment
  • Experimental investigation of polyester-fibre reinforced cement composites
  • Sustainable development of waste wrapper fabric
  • Effect of Sportswear Fabric Parameters on its Functional Properties
  • Manufacturing & Characterization of braided composite
  • Comparative analysis of washed gaments subjected to different types of stones
  • A sustainable transition for Pakistan Manufacturing and packaging of disaster relief blankets
  • Investigate The Effects Of Various Process Parameter On Dyeing And Printing Of Low Temperature Dyeing Polyester (Pbt) Knitted Fabric
  • Development of eco-friendly water repellent finish for durable washing
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Operational Planning of Textile Production
  • Softening of Lingo Cellulosic Fibers for Textile Application
  • Design and Implementation of Mobile Application for Archeological Sites
  • Design and Implementation of Automated Customized Class Timetable
  • Investigation of heat of hydration of calcined caly based concrete
  • Structural Behaviour of light weight aggregate column

Postgraduate Projects

Following is the list of relevant thesis carried out at postgraduate level in the University.
Development of Foamed Cementitioous Composite Blocks for Light Weight Infilled Walls

  • Evaluation of Liquefaction-Induced Lateral
  • Displacement Using Standard Penetration Test
  • Accuracy Assessment of the Soil Erosion and Sediment
  • Yield Model of QNSPECT using SWAT
  • Experimental Study on Continuous Concrete Beams Reinforced With BFRP Bars
  • Flexural Behaviour of BFRP Reinforced Concrete Slabs
  • Sustainable Procurement Framework for Introducing Environmentally Friendly Material in Construction Industry of Pakistan
  • Simulation study of steam gasification of waste bank notes for synthesis gas production.
  • Waste energy utilization during p-xylene oxidation to generate low/extra low pressure steam for power generation
  • Analysis of printing residual solvents and their oxygen and water vapor transfer rates in flexible packging for food contact materials
  • Product Recommendation System Using Deep Learning Approach
  • Trend forecasting using Data Analytics for a New E-commerce Business
  • A Machine Learning Approach to Demand Forecasting in Retail
  • Development of a Predictive Model for PET Resin Grading
  • Synthesis of Nano-Material Induced Ion Exchange Membrane For Specific Application of Recycling of Industrial Chemical Waste.
  • Residential Load scheduling of Conventional Grids via an AI-Based Algorithm
  • To reduce Technical Losses of K- Electric Distribution system using Network reconfiguration
  • Optimization of grounding system design based on IEEE Std. 80:2013 Using Machine Learning Models
  • The Prevalence of Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) among Workers in the Automotive Industry.
  • The Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) in Online Education during COVID-19 Pandemic in Pakistan.
  • Integrating Vsm And Waste Relationship Model In Order To Increase Productivity At An Organization.
  • Evaluation of critical factors/components for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in third-world countries.
  • Industry 4.0 based Maintenance Management System.
  • Development of a industry 4.0 based systems for quality control in a garment manufacturing.
  • Impact of green washing on consumer buying decision and brand image
  • To explore the awarness and sustainability of Lean Manufacturing Practices: Collective case study on Automotive Industries of Pakistan.
  • To design a digital transformation framework using Industry 4.0 technology to improve the productivity in the Pakistani garment manufacturing industry.
  • Investigation of Energy Management Practices in Steel Sector of Pakistan
  • Energy, Energy, Economic and Environmental (4E) Analysis of Wind Farms in Pakistan
  • Automotive Paint Defect Detection using Image Processing & Machine Vision
  • Challenges in Online Social Networks (OSNs) Deal With Machine Learning Algorithms
  • A study on development of sustainable and water efficient processes in denim fabric finishing

Externally Funded Research Projects

Following is the list of relevant research projects funded by external agencies, which are currently being carried out in the University.

  • Development of Additively Manufactured Low-cost Moulds for the Manufacturing of FRP Products
  • Solar powered atmospheric plasma system for treatment of contaminated wastewater
  • Smart City Lab, National Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Design and Development of Universal Smart Robotic Manipulation System for Packaging Industry
  • Designing of a Versatile Prototype based on the application of Ion Exchange Membranes, for Efficient and Cost Effective Recycling of Industrial waste.
  • Design and development of efficient energy storage solution
  • Cost-Effective Synthesis of Tetraethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether(TEGDME) for the Development of Highly Efficient Energy Storage Devices
  • Artificial intelligence as a pathway to reduce industrial Downtime cost through hybrid predictive maintenance (ADVICE)
  • Development Project of IoT Circuit for Electrical BLDC fans, dashboard and mobile app
  • EV System Development
  • Pakistan Energy Outlook
  • Energy Finance Outlook
  • Solar Testing
  • Dynamic Analysis of Nanostructured Thin Films for Smart Energy
  • Indigenous development of high-performance textiles based composite structural reinforcement system for Civil Infrastructure.
  • Development of Cost-Effective Structural Concrete Formulation using Limestone Calcined Clay-Based LC3 Cement Blend with Domestic Resources and its Application in a Pilot Project
  • Development of Reactive Inks for Digital Printing
  • Recycling of Polymeric Materials; plastics and elastomers
  • Production of Highly Valuable sugarcane wax a way forward to sugarcane by product based industry
  • Constitutive Modelling of Self-Healing PVA Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SHPFRC)
  • Batch Extraction and characterization of sugarcane wax from sugar industry surplus: Application as an edible coating
  • Uderolal Preidot Research Project
  • Neurocomputation Lab, National Center for Artificial Intelligence

Events and Curricular Activities

A number of relevant activities are being carried out from time to time in the University, both by the departmental administrations and the students. Some significant activities are as follows.

  • Awareness Session regarding Waste Management and Energy Conversation for the students of NED Cowasjee School
  • Seminar on Solid Waste Management
  • visit to Pakistan Cables
  • visit to Alson Pvt Limited
  • visit to KTDMC
  • Ignite 7.0
  • Participation in the ASME EFx 2023
  • RC Car Workshop
  • CAD Competition
  • Engineering Carnival
  • PLC wiring workshop
  • 80. Robotrix
  • 12th International Mechanical Engineering Conference (IMEC 2023)
  • 2nd International Industrial Chemistry Conference
  • International Conference on Sustainable Engineering & Development (ICSED-2022)
  • 5th NED International Textile Conference 2022