• NED University continued planting trees of various species, in campus, taking the total count to over 8,500. This year (2021-22) plantation drive extended to various schools of Karachi as well through the support of Col. Zafar Uddin Ahmed.
  • Seven Urban Forests have been established in this financial year through the generous contributions by Col. Zafar Uddin Ahmed, Chotani group and NEDIAN-NA.
  • Department of Architecture and Planning of NED University helped envisage eco-tourism in Manora island and sustainable development in collaboration with Cantonment Board Manora.
  • NED University has declared each Friday as Healthy Friday. With no vehicles allowed within campus; walking and bicycling is encouraged to commute. Prominent figures have joined NED University during healthy Fridays.

Activity Summary Graph

The following graph depicts the course offerings and other recent activities carried out at NED University of Engineering and Technology both at undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG), relevant to the requirements of sustainable development goal 13. A brief description of the same follows.


Undergraduate Courses

Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different undergraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus, available at https://www.neduet.edu.pk/prospectus.


1 AR-431: Environmental Design and Systems-III
2 AR-451: Construction and Materials-V
3 AR-461: Research Methodologies
4 AR-503: Architectural Design Project
5 AR-522: Comprehensive Environmental Design
6 AR-552: Construction and Materials-VI
7 AU-315: Design of Machine Elements
8 AU-415: Vehicle Design
9 AU-416: Mechatronics
10 AU-422: Automotive Transmission & Drives
11 CH-411: Environmental Pollution Control
12 DS-307: Agricultural Development
13 DS-309: Linear Programming
14 DS-406: Environmental Issues in Development
15 DS-408: Sustainability in Development
16 EC-308: Business Research Methods
17 EC-309: Financial Management
18 EC-407: Industrial Economics
19 EC-411: International Finance
20 FD-430: Food Engineering Project
21 IM-105: Thermofluids
22 IM-208: Materials Engineering
23 IM-209: Mechanics of Materials
24 IM-312: Applied Thermo Fluids
25 IM-320: Modeling and Simulation
26 IM-405: Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
27 IM-413: Plant Engineering
28 IM-416: Management Information System
29 IM-417: Health, Safety & Environment
30 IM-419: Project Management
31 ME-112: Thermodynamics
32 ME-320: RAC and Heat Transfer Lab
33 ME-321: Power Plant Engineering
34 ME-409: Mechanical Engineering Project
35 ME-420: Operations Management
36 MG-499: Final Year Project
37 ME-421: Gas Turbine
38 TE-318: Textile & Environment
39 PP-412: Environmental Engineering

Postgraduate Courses

Following is the list of relevant courses currently being offered in different postgraduate programmes of the University. The credit hour detail of the same can be found in the University’s Postgraduate Prospectus, available at https://www.neduet.edu.pk/prospectus.


1 AR-511: Introduction to Urban Design
2 AR-513: Methods in Ph1sical Planning
3 AR-601: Advanced Architectural Design-I
4 AR-602: Advanced Architectural Design-II
5 AR-603: Studies in Architectural Research
6 AR-604: Architectural Theor1
7 AR-608: Green Architecture: Concepts and Applications
8 AR-612: Methods in Urban Planning Research
9 AR-613: Landuse Planning and Anal1sis
10 AR-614: Infrastructure Planning
11 AR-617: Advanced Studies in Urban Design
12 AR-623: Computer Applications in Planning
13 AR-626: Remote Sensing
14 AR-635: Case Studies in Architectural Conservation and Restoration in Developing Countries
15 AR-638: Advanced Landscape Architecture
16 AR-648: Architecture and the Cit1
17 AR-698: Thesis
18 BM-5002: Thesis
19 BM-542: Finite Element Method
20 BM-543: Mechatronics S1stem Design
21 BM-553: Advanced Biomaterials
22 BM-555: Advanced Biomechanics
23 CE-5002: Thesis
24 CE-501: Advanced Structural Anal1sis
25 CE-5016: Fundamentals of Environmental Laws for Construction Industr1
26 CE-5017: Construction Specifications writing and Documentation
27 CE-502: Advanced Mechanics of Solids
28 CE-503: Advanced Reinforced Concrete
29 CE-505: Prestressed Concrete Design
30 CE-506: Finite Element Method
31 CE-508: Computer Method of Structural Anal1sis
32 CE-510: Structural Stabilit1
33 CE-511: Structural D1namics
34 CE-513: Seismic Anal1sis and Design
35 CE-514: Design of Tall Structures
36 CE-515: Design of Steel Structures
37 CE-516: Repair, Maintenance & Streng. of RC Structures
38 CE-517: Performance-based Seismic Design
39 CE-518: Mathematical Methods for Engineers
40 CE-519: Advanced Cementitious Materials
41 CE-531: Advanced Soil Mechanics
42 CE-532: Foundation Engineering
43 CE-533: Soil Foundation D1namics
44 CE-534: Soil Investigation & Testing
45 CE-535: Earth Structures
46 CE-540: Earth Retaining Structures
47 CE-556: Water Resources Planning and Management
48 CE-559: Remote Sensing In Water Resources
49 CE-560: Reservoir Operations
50 CE-561: Urban Transportation Planning
51 CE-577: Irrigation S1stem Design and Management
52 CE-579: Water Qualit1 Management
53 CE-580: Applied H1drolog1
54 CE-585: H1draulic Structure Engineering / Advanced H1draulic Engineering
55 CH-5002: Thesis
56 CH-523: Process Safet1 Management
57 CS-564: Cloud Computing
58 CS-570: Enterprise Resource Planning
59 C1-500: Qualit1 Assurance and Automated Anal1tical Methods
60 C1-505: Advanced Spectroscopic Techniques
61 EC-401: Principles of Economics
62 EE-5002: Thesis
63 EE-501: Linear Control S1stems
64 EE-502: Optimal Control S1stems
65 EE-503: Random Variables and Stochastic Processes
66 EE-504: Adaptive Control S1stems
67 EE-505: Digital Control S1stem
68 EE-512: Advanced Digital Signal Processing
69 EE-521: Power S1stem Anal1sis-I
70 EE-522: Power S1stem Anal1sis-II
71 EE-523: Power S1stem Protection
72 EE-524: Electrical Power Distribution S1stem Engg.-I
73 EE-525: Electrical Power Distribution S1stem Engg.-II
74 EE-526: Electrical Power Transmission S1stem Engineering
75 EE-527: Power S1stem Stabilit1
76 EE-528: Computer Methods in Power S1stem Anal1sis
77 EE-529: Power S1stem Reliabilit1
78 EE-531: Embedded Power Generation
79 EE-532: Reactive Power Control
80 EE-543: Solid State DC Drives
81 EE-561: Power Generation Economics
82 EE-562: Energ1 Audits
83 EE-563: Energ1 Conservation
84 EE-564: Power S1stem Restructuring
85 EE-565: Distributed Generation
86 EE-566: Reliabilit1 Engineeering
87 EE-567: Energ1 Planning
88 EE-570: Advanced Electrical Power S1stems
89 EE-571: Advanced Power Electronics
90 EE-572: S1nchrophasor Technolog1
91 EE-573: Smart Grid Technologies and Applications
92 EE-574: Data Anal1tics for Smart Grid
93 EE-575: Electricit1 Markets
94 EE-576: Communication S1stem for Smart Grid
95 EE-577: Energ1 Storage S1stems
96 EE-578: Renewable Energ1 Integration with Electrical Networks
97 EE-579: Smart Grid S1stem Securit1
98 EL-501: Solid State Materials and Devices
99 EL-502: Analog Integrated Circuits
100 EL-504: Electronics Design Automation
101 EL-507: Fuzz1 Logic and Intelligent Electronics Control S1stems
102 EL-511: Digital VLSI Design
103 EL-512: Analog VLSI Design
104 EL-514: Light wave Engineering
105 EL-521: Measurement & Calibration of Electronic S1stems
106 EL-523: Industrial Control S1stems
107 EL-525: Sensors and S1stems
108 EM-512: Project Evaluation and Feasibilit1 Anal1sis
109 EN-5002: Thesis
110 EN-502: Environmental Applied Science
111 EN-508: Environment Impact Assessment
112 EN-510: Process D1namics in Environmental S1stem
113 EN-511: Environmental Management
114 EN-513: Industrial Waste Treatment and Disposal
115 EN-514: Water Resources Management
116 EN-515: Air Pollution and Control
117 EN-518: Sustainable Development & Appropriate Technolog1
118 EN-520: Marine Pollution and Control
119 EN-521: Special Topics in Environmental Engineering
120 EN-523: Anal1sis of Environmental Contaminants
121 EN-524: Wastewater Engineering
122 EN-525: Ph1sico Chemical Processes
123 EN-526: Solid Waste Management
124 EN-527: Environmental Health and Sanitation
125 EN-531: Environmental Qualit1 Management
126 EN-537: Water Qualit1 Management
127 EN-540: Health, Safet1 & Environmental Management
128 EN-541: Remote Sensing in Environmental Management
129 EQ-5002: Thesis
130 EQ-501: Structural D1namics
131 EQ-502: Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering
132 EQ-504: Advanced Structural Anal1sis
133 EQ-505: Structural Reliabilit1 Anal1sis
134 EQ-522: Performance BAsed Seismic Design
135 EQ-523: Seismic Design of Steel and Composite Structures
136 EQ-528: Finite Element Method
137 EQ-529: FRP Reinforced Concrete Design
138 EQ-532: Fire Safet1 and Management
139 ME-545: Renewable Energ1
140 ME-556: Renewable Energ1 S1stems
141 ME-557: Energ1 Economics, Polic1 and Assessment
142 ME-558: Energ1 Modelling and Forecasting
143 ME-559: Process and Energ1 Integration
144 ME-560: Energ1 Management and Conservation
145 ME-562: Photovoltaic S1stems
146 ME-563: Wind Energ1: Design and Integration
147 ME-564: Design of Wind Turbines
148 MT-5002: Thesis
149 MT-501: Differential Equations
150 PH-525: Medical Radiation

Undergraduate projects

Following is the list of relevant Final Year Design Projects (FYDP) thesis carried out at undergraduate level in the University.

  • Wearable Heat Stroke Prevention Device
  • City and Building Information Models for Solar Energy Optimization in Buildings
  • Estimating Biasness in the Satellite Rainfall Products
  • Spatio-temporal Analysis of Urban Pollution Based on Arterial Type
  • Design of Concrete Flexural Members Using Bamboo Reinforcement
  • Design of Low-cost Residential Housing Units Using Lightly Reinforced Masonry
  • Surveying and Mapping of Potential Clay Reserves in KPK Region
  • Developing Decision Support System for Stormwater Management for an Urbanized Area
  • Effect of Curing on the Strength of Geopolymer Concrete at Ambient Temperature
  • Validation of Energy Efficiency Improvement Measures for Housing Units through Simulation and Living Lab Concept
  • Comparison of Pyrolytic Product Blends and Co-pyrolytic Products Blends Obtained by
  • Waste Engine Oil and Waste Cooking Oil.
  • Catalytic Co-pyrolysis of Waste Engine Oil and Waste Cooking Oil.
  • Catalytic Pyrolysis of Plastic/Municipal Waste to Higher Hydrocarbons
  • Pilot Scale Production of Soil Conditioner through Bio-chemical Treatment of Food Waste.
  • Designing of a Commercially Viable Waste Recycling Power Plant (Solid Waste)
  • Commercial Scale Pilot Plant Fabrication for PCA Based Road Making.
  • Evaluation of the Feasible Process Scheme for CO2 Capture from Acid Gas and its Successful Utilization in Industrial Processes Or its Environmental-Friendly Disposal in geological formation.
  • Simulation of Syngas Production from Banknote Paper Waste Using Apen Plus
  • Development Of A Blockchain-Based Car Pooling Mobile Application
  • Hardware impelmentation and remote monitering of solar charging ststion for an electric vehicle
  • Hybrid Power System
  • Impact of green marketing on brands and consumer behaviour
  • Development of Hybrid Renewable Energy Based Solutions using Wind, Solar and Batteries for Sustainable Power Generation and Transmission Capabilty of Congested Networks
  • Development of Solar Based Refrigerator
  • Techno-Economic evaluation of integrating renewable energy sources with 660 MW coal fired power plant
  • Design and Fabrication of a Small Scale Urban Air Purification Tower
  • Development and Characterisation of Super-hydrophobic and Self-Healing coatings for engineering applications
  • Design and Development of See-beck coefficient measurement setup.
  • Investigation of Transition metal derivative as an efficient Hydrogen Evaluation Catalyst
  • Design And Development Of corrosion resistant hydrophobic Zn/ZnO Composite Coatings on Steel Substrates.
  • Design and Development of Composite Materials for Engineering Applications Trough Recyclable Materials
  • Development of MAX phases as precursors for catalysis in Battery applications.
  • Development of Functional Ceramics for energy Harvesting Devices
  • Effect of chlorine-based environment on boiler tubes steel grades in waste to energy plant
  • High-Temperature study of diffusion aluminide coated martensitic stainless steel
  • Studying and enhancing the corrosion resistance of outer body panel of car.
  • Efficient Solar Power System in House Hold Application
  • Integrating fundamental Laws of Natural science and Technology to tackle space debris catastrophe
  • Bit Bulletin-A News Summarize using NLP
  • Air Quality Index Analysis and Alert System using Machine Learning
  • Parametric heat transfer analysis of yarn with and without PCM
  • Heat transfer analysis of composites with or without microencapsulating phase change material
  • Removal of Particulate Matter (PM) with Biomass-Based Air Filters
  • Flexural behaviour of self-healing concrete in ambient condition
  • Investigation of heat of hydration of calcined caly based concrete
  • Structural Behaviour of light weight aggregate column
  • Flood Inundation Modeling of Manchar lake
  • Mechanical Properties of self-healing concrete

Postgraduate Projects

Following is the list of relevant thesis carried out at postgraduate level in the University.

  • Bias Correction of Meteorological Variables of Remotely
  • Sensed Products for Data Scarce Regions
  • Catalytic deoxygenation of waste cooking oil and non-edible oil  to product biofuels.
  • Comparing the effectiveness of variours redox
  • mediators in tegdme/litfsi electrolyte for the optimization of li-air batteries
  • Liquid chromatographic method development and optimization for quantitative determination of molnupiravir in pharmaceutical formulation.
  • Development of Green Liquid Chromatographic Method for Finished Product Testing of
  • Drugs for Arthritis: Software Design for Greenness Evaluation Using Analytical Eco Scale Approach
  • Impact of green washing on consumer buying decision and brand image
  • Design of a low temperature rotary kiln suitable for the production of calcined clay
  • Fine Particulate Matter Forecasting Models: A Case Study for Major Cities of Pakistan

Externally Funded Research Projects

Following is the list of relevant research projects funded by external agencies, which are currently being carried out in the University.

  • A spatial mapping for Arsenic (As) concentration hotspots towards generating water quality profile and development of sustainable prototype water treatment system for Larkana Division, Sindh
  • Investigation & Evaluation of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) Bars in Civil Infrastructure Applications in Pakistan.
  • Development of thermal block as sustainable and energy efficient material
  • Toyota Road Improvement Project
  • Afloat for Centuries: The Flat-bottomed Indus Boats - An Abode, an Agency for Livelihood and an Expression of Cultural Identity, Sindh, Pakistan
  • Development of sustainable building material for restoration and conservation
  • Environmentally friendly Multiferroic Ceramics for Electronic Applications by cold sintering method
  • Green Energy Source and Environmentally friendly lead-oxide free piezoelectric ceramics for energy harvesting devices
  • High Energy Density Lead Free Ceramic Capacitors for Power Pulsed Applications at High Temperatures
  • NB-IoT ProSe: Proximity Services enabled NB-IoT for Reliable and Critical Communication in Low- Powered Applications
  • Development of Additively Manufactured Low-cost Moulds for the Manufacturing of FRP Products
  • Bench-Scale Demonstration of an Integrated Waste-to-Energy Process for Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Step Toward Sustainable circular economy”
  • “Investigation of the Distortion and Surface Integrity of Aluminum Aerospace Grade Alloys during High Speed CNC Milling Machining Operations
  • Smart potable water harvesting grid for adaptive social capacity in varying humidity and insolation regions
  • Cost Effective Synthesis of Tetraethylene Glycol Dimethly Ether (TEGDME) for Development of Highly efficient Energy Storage Device
  • Development of Energy efficient housing design
  • Technology Enabled Performance Monitoring and Virtual Digitization of CPEC Infrastructure for Sustainable Maintenance Decision-Making
  • Development of Thermal Block as Sustainable and Energy Efficient Construction Material
  • Weed Detection and Removal Robot Design for Agriculture using AI and Computer Vision
  • NCAI Smart City Lab
  • Center of Excellence Project No. 65 - Multifaceted Crop Scouting using Industry 4.0
  • Deforestation in Pakistan: Combating through Wireless Sensor Networks (DePWiSeN)
  • Mobility for bilateral stakeholder mapping for creating IoT networks for Climate Change
  • Design and Development of Universal Smart Robotic Manipulation System for Packaging Industry
  • ES2: Energy smart switch
  • Municipal Waste in Pakistan and Identification of Underlying Factors and Key Drivers.
  • Designing of a Versatile Prototype based on the application of Ion Exchange Membranes, for Efficient and Cost Effective Recycling of Industrial waste.
  • Design and development of efficient energy storage solution
  • Cost-Effective Synthesis of Tetraethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether(TEGDME) for the Development of Highly Efficient Energy Storage Devices
  • Disaster Resilience Improvement in Pakistan (DRIP)
  • Development Project of IoT Circuit for Electrical BLDC fans, dashboard and mobile app
  • EV System Development
  • RoboDoc: A social robot to protect healthcare professionals dealing in contagious diseases
  • Radiographic Detection of traumatic chest injuries by Machine Learning Tool Versus conventional radiologist in Emergency Department, a cross-sectional study
  • Development of novel mechanisms for the advanced plasma spray coating deposition based on in-situ oxide cleaning through creating a high-temperature droplet
  • Pakistan Energy Outlook
  • Energy Finance Outlook
  • Water Condensation from Tropospherical Humidity for Water Insecurity via Hydro-Solar Nexus
  • Smart Potable Water Harvesting Grid for Adaptive Social Capacity in varying Humidity and Insolation Regions
  • Solar Testing
  • Bioactive and Antibacterial Microarc Oxidation Layer on Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys for Biomedical Implants
  • Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) of TiAlV alloy in order to develop Bioglass based composite layer for bone and dental applications
  • Performance optimization of energy storage using Phase change materials
  • Small scale solar based vapour absorption cycle system
  • Dynamic Analysis of Nanostructured Thin Films for Smart Energy
  • Production Characterization and Surface Modification of Dental Implants
  • Indigenous development of high-performance textiles based composite structural reinforcement system for Civil Infrastructure
  • EV Development
  • Development of Cost-Effective Structural Concrete Formulation using Limestone Calcined Clay-Based LC3 Cement Blend with Domestic Resources and its Application in a Pilot Project
  • Impact Behaviour of Ultra High Strength Concrete RC Structural Members
  • Recycling of Polymeric Materials; plastics and elastomers
  • Constitutive Modelling of Self-Healing PVA Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SHPFRC)
  • Neurocomputation Lab, NCAI
  • Beyond the routine CBC: hematology analyzer generated morphometric parameters driven artificial intelligence techniques for diagnosis of common anemias and their potential role in elective blood bank practices.

Events and Curricular Activities

A number of relevant activities are being carried out from time to time in the University, both by the departmental administrations and the students. Some significant activities are as follows.

  • Awareness Session regarding Waste Management and Energy Conversation for the students of NED Cowasjee School
  • Site visit to Bahria Town
  • Consaviour competition
  • upcoming visit to K-Electric facilities and plant
  • Seminars held on various topics 'Effective Interviews', 'Importance of Software Skills in Chemical Engineering', 'Interpersonal Skills Seminar', 'Occupational Health and Safety Seminar', 'Safe transportation of Hydrogen’ and ‘Use of accelerating rate calorimeter'.
  • 2nd International Industrial Chemistry Conference
  • International Conference on Sustainable Engineering & Development (ICSED-2022)
  • 6th International Conference on Urban and Regional Planning (CURP)